Saturday, January 26, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: January 9, 2004  --0500
Yesterday I sat in PACU (post-anesthesia care unit) doing pre-ops for a female colleague.
Jeff the nurse pulled a curtain for privacy by my ‘desk’, a bedside table and chair. I kept working, but I felt a cold chill.
It turned out  an ESLD (end-stage liver disease) patient who had coded in the unit was coming down for a viewing by her family.
I felt it when she arrived. I peeked through the curtains just to see a dead body and I listened to the family as I did my work.
Then, I saw her (on my right). She had rosy cheeks and was smiling big. I felt her radiant joy.
“Hi.” She said.

 I said “Hi” back and noted, “You are happy.”
She said I was going to be happy, too. I asked her, “Do you see it? (my future)” She smiled, nodded yes, and said it was nice.
I caught myself and asked her if she’d seen ‘the lady in white’? I realized I should have helped.

 She said yes and I could see her holding her left hand in Blessed Mother’s (BM) hand. The both leaned in to me, smiled, then turned and went away.
I still feel her joy.
BM to me: God will grant a comforting. Not only for you, but for another. That is enough for today. God will grant an angel to protect you and  to overwhelm you, your body and your spirit, very lovingly. I have a guest

Reiki Doc