Friday, January 25, 2013

He > i

I saw this on a bumper. I had to think about it. I saw the license plate was from a local Religious college. I thought about it some more. And then I slept on it.

I think this is my new skull is thick with the third dimension.

Who is He?

Is there a She?

Greater implies More Powerful. Hmmmm...that doesn't seem right. Would anyone who loved you insinuate something like that?

Maybe He represents Heart, and i represents Ego? That is Truth...

Who taught that driver to think like this?

Why do they need to announce it on their bumper? Will that make Him love the driver more? Or is there an undercurrent of fear?

Why does the driver want me to be like them?

I think He would lift us Up and say, Capital I! You are worthy just the way I made you. Look at the stars! I tell you this: you are one of them! Beautiful, shining and brilliant! Just the way that you Are.

I Love YOU! And I know all the little hairs on your head.

Capital I! Capital I! Because you are Our Kid! Yes, mine and the missus. She doesn't take well to the spotlight. But She is there, and always Loves YOU.

Just like Me. With a Capital M!

Those are just some thoughts... ; )


Reiki Doc