Sunday, January 27, 2013

Auras, Edibles and Cardiac Anesthesia

Yesterday the topic was 'Yoga and Shrooms',  a subject that was prompted by the discovery of carelessly disposed 'shrooms' capsules on the floor of the Yoga 'studio' which was a restaurant the rest of the week. Guests of that establishment, without the awareness of management, not only consumed 'shrooms' on the premises but also were sloppy about the 'containers' that the substances came in.

After writing that, I realized that in front of me at the front desk in L&D that same morning had been a conversation about 'edibles' and the parent of a nurse who was suffering from weight loss in metastatic cancer.

I was surprised to hear a graduate of a local 'christian' residency training program--who has a sibling who is the primary care doctor for the nurses' parent who has cancer--suggesting the use of 'edibles' to promote a healthy appetite. The nurse was like, 'we already DID that!' and laughed. Everyone laughed.

That conversation would not have happened in my presence if there was not something important about it.

I slept on it. Yoga and 'shrooms' versus Cancer and 'edibles'...

Here is what I think--I think two important thoughts:

  •  The Importance of Free Will:  In Puna District on Big Island, at Uncle Robert's End of Road there is a sign that says, 'The Kingdom of Hawaii is Here'. At Uncle Robert's, parties and get-togethers happen with all of the community invited. As a result, there is anything you could ever want to buy for sale, 'edibles' and 'smokeables' and 'everything else that is not DEA-approved' for both recreation and medicine. The crowd was nice people. I know in Hawaii things are 'different' and 'Maui Wowie' is a local custom. Whatever it does to people's aura's --that is for them to discover. We can do anything to our aura's we wish! One of my best friends on Big Island loves it--and she eats a little every day 'just to keep mellow'. She is one of the brightest stars of enlightenment I know. I can't judge her, or anyone else for taking 'shrooms'  or 'brownies' or anything else if they want to. The way I see it, psychedelics are a 'short cut' to Higher States--and my choice is to reach this the all-natural, substance-free way. I jack my vibration up in the highest way possible. That is my path, my choice, and I WANT this for myself.  I also am required as a physician to stay away from those things, or risk losing my license. So for me, I just say a polite, 'I'll pass' or 'I have really bad asthma and that will mess me up, thanks for offering' with a smile, a genuine smile, from my heart for example, when a 'fattie' is offered from a Rasta priest to me.
  • Anesthesia on the Diseased Heart:  Anesthesia for cardiac surgery is RISKY. You take anesthesia, which weakens the heart, and give it to someone whose heart is so weak an operation is needed to 'fix it'. This heart compensates to achieve near-normal cardiac output--sometimes the rate increases, sometimes the heart grows bigger (hypertrophy), sometimes collateral blood vessels form--at baseline the function is anything BUT a normal healthy heart. The key to anesthesia in this situation is to 'keep the heart where it lives'. Same blood pressure, same heart rate, same preload. This isn't easy while surgery is going on. Sometimes the wait until going on bypass is nerve-wracking for me, because things are so tenuous. But today I realized, like with the parent with cancer, some auras are filled with attachments and past-life scars so much that their Vibration is anything but normal and healthy.  In these cases, perhaps, 'substances' are what helps them to 'be where they live', like an adaptation to increase the appetite in a person who is dying from cancer. Only the individual and their Guardian Angel know for sure what is really right for them.
That being said, for me, Life is the greatest High. And as my Vibration increases, I grow more resilient to annoyances and setbacks. Right now, with two family members in the hospital-both five hours drive apart, and a grandmother in a nursing home somewhere in the middle, and working full-time as a single parent, my plate is full. Yesterday there was much drama from the little ones--who are particular about clothing and shoes. I hung in there, through all the conflict, because of the Yoga I had done, because of my Reiki Practice, and because of my absolute blind trust in Source. I am, each and every day, like the 'Hanged Man' card in the Tarot. It is a good card, really. It is exactly about being in a position where there is nothing you can do but Trust and have Confidence in yourself. 'Substances' aren't always needed to go through life. But I am not to judge anyone who chooses to have those in their life as well.


Reiki Doc