Tuesday, January 8, 2013

If You Have Cancer

If you have cancer, this is a heart to heart from me to you, as someone who has worked with cancer patients for all of my career in medicine.

First and foremost--it is not your fault.

Cancer is a vibrational disease (Dis-Ease) that has been in the aura for a long time. It is an imbalance that ultimately manifests in the DNA of tissue that grows rampant on its own.

Even if you smoked a pack of unfiltered cigarettes a day, it is not your fault. For you, the energetic imbalance was not noticeable early enough to 'adjust it back' into balance. It is not your fault because if you had been able to 'see' the imbalance you clearly would have sought help. You asked for healing as soon as you knew there was something wrong; there is no fault in you because how are you supposed to know something is wrong any earlier? 

Do not go over your habits and potential causes after the diagnosis. This is counterproductive. Only if your doctor says you should change your habits, or your 'inner guide' of your Heart Center says 'change this' is it time to change.

There are many people making money from a cancer diagnosis. In the O.R. yesterday, someone told me that an oncologist told them 'If you had stopped the bleeding I would have been able to give this person cancer treatments for eighteen months and made a lot of money. This is lost income.'
This particular physician telling me this was outraged! There is a time where you have to say 'enough is enough' and accept the clinical situation for what it is, and act in the best interest of the patient, (not the source of compensation of the treating physician).'

See, your cancer diagnosis is a money-maker of sorts. Cures have existed for many generations. They have been suppressed. Chemotherapy is big business. That one physician mentioned with an eye on what he will get from the insurance company from treating you is just the tip of the iceberg. See it for what it is. (Most cancer surgeons and oncologists I know are caring people who work hard for your quality of life, and don't make much. One brain surgeon I know gets only twelve dollars for an office visit from medi-cal)

Just know, and have faith that in the near future, when there is a big change in the controlling factions from the one percent to the ninety-nine percent, all of these cures are going to come out for everyone.  So hang on if you can, the future looks bright! But if your heart center is telling you, 'I'm done' that is okay too. There are lives between lives, seriously, and look online, you can learn about them, because that is where you would 'go' next. You are going to see you loved ones no matter what.

There is a nurse in the ICU who said there are some families that need to let go. It is painful as a nurse to watch. The patient, in tears, in private, will share with here, 'I am tired. I am done.' And the nurse says, 'You have to tell them!' But they can't. They don't want to let the family down. She calls them the football family 'You can do it! You can do it Dad!' , and the medically unaware family (the patient is in multi-system organ failure, on a vent, prognosis is horrible, and the family can't see that and keeps emphasizing, 'he's a fighter')

Follow your intuition, though, whenever you 'hear' it 'speaking up'. For example, if the thought of unfiltered cigarettes has no appeal to you, listen! You don't have to be a sitting duck for all the products that are marketed to make them money at the cost of making you sick. If you don't enjoy it in the first place, and if something in your bones is telling you to stop or never try it in the first place, that is good information for you to act on it.

I love cancer patients most of all. There is a clarity to them in spirit, that they never would have achieved  otherwise. The gratitude they have for their care, the love they have for their families, and the courage they display inspires me. I will bend over backwards for a cancer patient, because my heart fully opens to them without fear of being hurt.  I would like to think that our interactions are 'from home', that is, the way they are in Heaven, or  perhaps if it is okay to use the term, 'Of a Higher Dimension'.  I want you to know I do everything possible to ensure your comfort while you face whatever surgery you are having when I meet you.

And if you are facing multiple operations, remember, you can ask for me to work with you the next time you book a case. I am available by request. All anesthesiologists are at the hospital where you are being treated.

I have been the 'private anesthesiologist' for many children facing the same disease as you. I become 'part of the family'. And all of this was before I learned Reiki. Now you get all that and Reiki too!


Reiki Doc