Thursday, January 24, 2013

East Meets West in PACU

The patient was a little weak. The muscle relaxant took some time to wear off. I took the patient to the recovery room (PACU) with the breathing tube still in.

Sometimes I do that if I am not sure the patient is ready to be extubated. I let them sleep a while longer and breathe on their own through the tube. When I am sure they are ready, either the nurses or I will remove it and the patient does fine.

This one, upon waking up, started to thrash around. The sats were okay. It was a stormy wake-up.

It took six of us to keep everything straight and stop the patient from jumping off the gurney.

I noticed that the patient responded better to soft, gentle voice of one of the nurses, than to my commands and the other nurses' instructions on how to stop moving.

At once, the old Chinese nurse reached in and started rubbing the patient's third eye. Rubbing...rubbing...and it worked! (I could feel energy flow from RN to patient, too)

"What is that?" I asked.

"That is Eastern Medicine.", the Latina Charge Nurse said, as we all kept working on the patient at the same time.

"I know, but what is that? What is that point? What is it called? I want to know!" I said.

Then the old Chinese nurse, looked up and said, 'It is the Calming Point.'

"Thank you. I was curious." I replied.

And then we were all able to go. Situation was controlled. The breathing tube got pulled by me. Everyone settled down. Patient went home when the time was right.

Note: as it was happening, the Calming Point being activated in front of my eyes, I got the very strong sensation from Spirit--this is Right--this is Important--this is something for YOU to notice and to share.

So I am. Enjoy!


Reiki Doc