Tuesday, January 15, 2013

...but the Body is Weak...

This is Jizo, the Japanese protector of women and children. As a single woman in pregnancy, I 'adopted' him to watch over me in my most vulnerable state.  I love this image of him because it has both the human (knit cap), the tradition of ancestors (the scarf), and Spirit intertwined.

Like Jizo, I look after you in this blog. I know the body. And I know the Spirit.

Yesterday I had a 'chance occurrence' that probably wasn't so 'random' when you think about it: I sat next to a vegan midwife in the doctor's dining room. I hadn't seen her in months, and I hadn't sat to eat in there for weeks. I am always so busy that I typically bring my own lunch to the O.R. and keep it in the fridge in the doctor's lounge.

I went to a vegan/raw meet up yesterday! I shared. She was excited--are you going raw? She looked at my plate--half salad, a third watermelon and a sliver of mandarin oranges--and said, It looks like you are almost there already!

I wasn't sure. But she said, 'Whenever I go to a vegan restaurant and order something fancy and raw it doesn't agree with my stomach.'

That was the thing I needed to 'confess'! 'I think I had my first gallbladder attack from it'.

We both agreed that the food can be too rich--my dish, although delicious, had lots of nuts and avocado in it. We both agreed that we love the soup, it is the most delicious vegan you can get anywhere. But since our meals are so light every time we eat at home, the fancy schmancy can be a little hard on our system.

The moral of the story is 'Your System is Delicate'.

This applies to your Energy System. To your body. To your emotions. To your Mind. To your heart. I will speak briefly on this.

Your energy system is not what you think. Like a boat in the ocean, you might have 'little barnacles' that are attached to your aura sucking energy for dear life itself. These are called Negative Entities and Dark Entities. It is not your fault. You have no concept of it. But they can be there. (Most adults have five). Only a very skilled Energy Healer can remove them. And the one I use is working in partnership with Guides on the Other Side to accomplish this. Her name is Margaret Mc Cormick, and I recommend her services highly. You will have more energy for yourself if you have her 'detach' them from you. If you do it any other way, the 'souls' of those 'attachments' will die. They have to be 'guided' to the Light and detach willingly. It is an art. I know it sounds kooky, but it is True. (I see them in the O.R., and have special permission to remove the most nasty ones on my patients by asking St. Michael to intervene. I don't do it. I just call Him and It works.)

Your body is the sum total of your ancestor's DNA. That makes sense when you think about it, doesn't it? And they adapted to thrive in the environments that they lived. Some of our ancestors are carnivores.  I 'get' a lot of people who say they, in good faith, tried the vegan lifestyle, but their vitality was not right. Your body has a wisdom all its own. Talk to it. Get to know it. And when it feels 'right' go ahead. And when it doesn't, try something else. Listen to it on sleep, movement, diet, emotional health, and your environment in your home. Omit cruelty to the best of your ability in everything you do--if you must take meat, make it organic, free range where you know the farmer...this makes sense, doesn't it, not to incorporate cruelty into yourself or to support it in any way in our society?

Your emotions are the sum total of your reincarnations! There are many 'layers' to 'you'! Respect it. Seek a reputable healer from any of the healing professions to help you 'sort things out'. One of my recommendations is medium Tim Braun. He is available over the phone and in his office. Another is an excellent healer in Julian California whose name escapes me at the time, but she is in the Water Tower. She does phone consults too. Many healers are qualified, and you will be guided to the one that is right for you when things get 'stuck'. Meditation is priceless for this, too. Also the online eCourses from A.R.E. are a nice way to 'work things through' if you are educationally motivated. (learning is fun).

Your Mind IS what you are. It is your Consciousness. It goes with you from life to between lives life to life again. Respect it.

Your Heart is the seat of your Consciousness. I can't explain it, but your Heart Center has a Brain that is smarter than your Brain brain in your head because it has access to the knowledge from all of your past lives, your Higher self, and the Universal Knowledge! So even if you are a genius like Albert Einstein incarnate--it is the Heart that is the powerhouse of them all.

It is not an accident that you are built this way. Respect it. And enjoy it. For with Ascension, soon, your body is going to be doing even better things!


Reiki Doc