Sunday, January 6, 2013

Your Past Lives

Has anyone ever come up to you and said, 'You are an old soul!'? If they have, this article is for you.
Our past lives are an important part of us. Let me say that again: our past lives are an important part of who we are right here right now--today!

How are we to go about discovering them?

Do you have any identifying marks on your body, such as a birthmark? Sylvia Browne has noted that many birthmarks coincide with lethal blows from a past life that 'carried over' to the next.

Have you ever visited some place you've never been, and felt amazingly 'connected' to it? Chances are good that you spent a past life there, possibly a happy one. New England has great call for me...

Are there any fears you have that are irrational--such as fear of falling, fear of choking, fear of dying young? I thought I would never make it past my sixteenth birthday. I thought something would happen to me before I reached that age. Little did I know, in the immediate past life before this, my life was cut short before I became a teenager. These fears come from how you died. A soul 'can remember' certain traumas from one life to the next.

Any triggers--foods you love that are ethnic, fondness for a certain period of fashion (I myself adore the thirties and anything art deco) might possibly be a clue as to where your 'connections to your past lives' are.

How does one go about and learn more on past lives?

Part of it is from being open and being still. I have learned most of my past lives that way.

Another part is from taking a class on or doing a meditation on the Akashic records. The Akashic records are in a library not on Earth, and the volumes are big golden books as tall as you. Inside is everything you ever thought or did in a lifetime. Typically, your ability to view your current lifetime is 'cheating'--and when you go to look at it, all you see is blank. That happened to me once, in meditation.

I took a class from Kevin Todeschi, the head of A.R.E., the group founded by Edgar Cayce, on The Akashic Records. It was an e-class online, and it was very simple and well-thought out. There were guided meditations to do at your convenience and questions to answer. Kevin was very active in moderating the boards and answering questions. It was there I discovered, of all things, in a past life I had been a man who was a brother in battle with my father (in this life), sometime around the civil war.

Just as a deck of cards, especially Tarot cards, can be spread out before you and have a deeper personal meaning, so it is the same with all of your many past lives.

Allow them to come to you. You are normal and healthy when this happens. The memory block that has been place on every inhabitant of Earth has been lifted. Everything will all straighten out, and you will begin to see evidence and gain comfort from your lessons learned and wisdom achieved in your past incarnations on this planet.


Reiki Doc

P.S. here is a link to A.R.E.