Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cruelty is a Toxin

This is your native state of existence: rainbows and butterflies, in harmony with Nature.

Any step away from that is not healthy for you. Both on an energetic level and a physical level, you will take a step toward imbalance. And when imbalance becomes a habit, sometimes the entire energy body and physical body can't 'bounce back into balance'. Physical and mental illness is the result.

How do you feel when your foot goes down and you hear the crunch of a snail's shell as you step?

Does it make you cringe? Does it make you laugh? Do you not give it a second thought?

Now is the time to examine our choices that we make. Although 'everyone is doing it' might seem like a proper answer, the questions are being asked only of you.

  • 'Will you continue to permit pain and suffering on a global level on our planet?'
  • 'Will you look the other way when another creature suffers?'
  • 'What can you do, in your own way, to relieve suffering in your midst?'
The answer will depend on the situation you are in, I know.

But when you cross to The Other Side, you are going to see the answer of your lifetime of choices. It will be plainly and painfully clear if you have erred on the side to support cruelty. 

And you will make choices to balance your Karma in your next life experience.

The judge, lawyer, and jury is you. Why not start to examine your self better today? So you may have an easier time of it at the End.


Reiki Doc