Monday, January 21, 2013

Reiki and the Amusements

Some of the nurses in OB and I have season tickets to broadway show series at local theaters. Yesterday we went to see a play with a famous gymnast in the starring role--Peter Pan.

As I stepped into the theater itself, after standing in line, I got the feeling that the egyptian vibe was 'something more' than art deco. Throughout the entire performance (which was excellent--acting, singing, dancing, staging, and the like), I just couldn't pay attention.

There was something very 'read between the lines' going on with the plot and the dialogue, something again, that seemed right from the cabal...

I could tell by my physical reactions: I got up to go to the washroom in both acts, and took a phone call from my sister, essentially missing the second half. I had no desire to sit in my seat and watch the play.
And I felt a big rush of relief when I came out of the theater.

I'll leave it at that. If you are not 'into' the same entertainment activities you were before, you may just be 'waking up' and further along on the Ascension Process. This is good because many of 'The Amusements' were designed to keep you stuck deep in the Matrix in the first place.

You know, those trainers at the marine mammal parks never say, 'whale, you are going to jump on my command!' . They make it a game. There is lots of reinforcement. The whales just think they are having fun. And by a series of small approximations over a great length of time, the whales can do tricks on the command of their trainer. But only if they are in the mood that particular day.

Anybody who set about to control terrestrial mammals that walk on two feet, would use the same small approximations and rewards to facilitate the control as well...that is how the mammalian brain works.

So where is the woo? The Amusements are only half of the title!

Well, we poked our head in to a hotel restaurant looking for lunch. That place was HAUNTED! And open only for dinner. We walked further.

Then at the W across the street, we had lunch. My friends were talking about America's Horror Expeditions (or something like that), a spooky show where it has the same haunted house but shows different families living in it each season...They said 'how bad some of the ghosts were and hurt people.'

I couldn't listen. I was 'picking up' ghosts in the whole entire area! They 'see' my Light, and the ones who want to 'Go Home' tend to congregate near me. It was like this at Psychic Development Circle, too, early in my training.

In the middle of lunch, while my friends were going on and on about the hauntings and how creepy ghosts are, I was nodding politely and telepathically contacted my guides of compassionate healing.

The GCH are the ones who do the work to help souls cross, not me. I only partner with them. I asked them to kindly open a vortex for these souls to cross and this area to be 'cleared'.

I saw a beautiful bubble of warm pink loving energy form a column right in the middle of the street. It got both sides of the street wide, went tall, and then a thin line of blue came up right in the center. In a flash the whole thing went blue, and I felt the 'movement' of the souls entering the light.

It took about five minutes. That is how long it usually takes.

I got back into the conversation. And I ordered a dessert: sicilian pistachio ice cream, cherry compote, and some chocolate flour-less cake square that was out of this world!

It wasn't Reiki, exactly, but it was energy work for the healing of others. As I enjoyed the last bit of my dessert and my tea, I smiled and was glad to be with my friends.


Reiki Doc