Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Message From Our Lady: January 19, 2013

Dear Children,

Nothing is amiss.

Everything is as it should be. You are in your heart centers manifesting what you create.

This is as it has always been.

There is but one small (shows thumb and forefinger about an inch apart) difference -- you have free choice.

You have the freedom to recognize what you want, and make effort in that path, without any distractions along the way. 

There are no chemical, cryogenic, vibrational energies to disrupt you on this course. That is where the subtlety, the heart of the matter is:

  • If you want 3D, think of your Pie In The Sky dream as unattainable because it always has been that way.
  • If you want access to the Higher Realms, take baby steps for you are 'learning to walk' with all of your new abilities and gifts. Just as a baby was meant to walk and others can encourage it, it is only going to master it, or even try, when the time is right from within.
There you have it--the walkers and the sitters. Unfortunately in this path of divergence (gestures with arms up over head in a large 'V') there is no 'crawl'. There are no intermediate options available. 

Walk, because you are wanting to progress and explore in your new environment? Or sit because you already know in your heart that "I know everything I need." and are content with life as it has always been?

Life, my dearest hearts, has transformed. 

The question of the matter, based on free will of the individual, is, have you?

That is enough message for this time. I love you in utmost sincerity and Peace. For God is with you. And I, like the Goddess that I am, embrace you in my Mother's Heart. 

Mother Mary

(as channelled by Reiki Doc, all permissions granted to share in its entirety with credit given)