Friday, January 25, 2013

The Obituaries: The Irish Sports Page


Do you read the Obituaries? I do. I read them every day. Why? Partly because my mom always did. But also because I am looking for my patients. I don't want to see any of them on there!

Lately, there has been a huge increase in the number of people on the Obituary page. It has almost tripled.

As my mother hangs with her life in balance between this world and the next, I realize that there may be many more of you put there who are in a similar situation.

Do not be afraid! Even though it is sad, there is a metaphysical, energetic reason for the sudden increase in dying.

What is it? Well, simply put, you have to decide on a soul level if you are interested in the New Earth. It is a school that is different from Duality, the third dimension. It is the Fifth dimension.

Lesser evolved souls are growing ever more uncomfortable with the higher vibration. They are choosing a way out. Their choice is to a) continue in three d elsewhere and keep learning their lessons like on Earth (sort of to repeat a grade) or b) transition OUT so as to Come Back into the New Earth once it is up and running. Apparently option B is a popular choice.

Although love ties are forever, there are no vows in the Higher Dimensions. As a matter of fact, a vow can trip you up from past lifetimes, for example, a vow of celibacy in a past life as a religious can affect you today, and needs Archangel Michael to help break it.

There is no 'marriage' as we know it in the Higher Dimensions after Ascension. Again, friendship and love is continued and couples may choose to continue together. But there is no obligation, legal or otherwise, to each other in the Higher Realms,

I know this may sound difficult, but it is truth.

All children will Ascend with their parents. All small children who are alive on Earth at this moment. Heaven would not separate this important bond. And parents will get the Ascension 'as a bonus' because of their relation to their small kids,

I don't know what the future has in store for mother, and for my niece Lauren, who is having trouble with her graft kidney she got from her father two years ago. But I trust in the Universe, and I keep worry at bay by plucking out those thoughts as they pop up. I keep a mental image in my head of a happy family united. In order to manifest it.

I must go p,ace an epidural right now.


Reiki Doc