Friday, January 18, 2013

The Patient-Diet-Surgeon Connection

The day before yesterday was the second time I heard a surgeon make a comment linking patient socio-economic status to diet to intraoperative finding. Today was also the first day I found reference to it in a journal. Here are the comments and findings:
  • 'I can tell a poor person from a rich person by the consistency of the fat that cushions the heart: poor people have soft loose fat and right people have hard thick fat'. this was my heart surgeon speaking during open heart surgery, about eight years ago. The O.R. was shocked at his statement. But he felt it and it was true. I suspect it is the effect of Trans fats versus Saturated animal fats such as butter and steak and sour cream.
  • 'I am seeing a pattern with some patients (infers the poor socioeconomic status)--their tissue has no strength. It just falls apart and bleeds like crazy when I work on them.' --this was an orthopedist
  • 'Furthermore, they find that preexisting endothelial dysfunction caused by a high-fat diet increases the risk of this adverse response to transfused stored blood, modeling a common scenario under which human patients might receive transfusion for traumatic emergencies.' Gergory J. Kato, M.D., Hematology Branch, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Anesthesiology, V 117 - No 6, pp. 1159, December 2012 

The endothelium is the lining of the blood vessel, and is very important in clotting.

According to the course I am taking by Evita Ochel, the diet for Optimal Health, which is somewhat like the best fuel to put in the 'car' that is our 'body',  includes these five guidelines:
  1. Eat whole food in its natural state
  2. Eat a plant-based foods 
  3. Eat raw to gain the benefit of enzymes and nutrients that are in the food
  4. Decrease toxins the liver has to process (trans fats, artificial sweeteners, and chemical additives)
  5. Eat alkaline foods and avoid acid-generating ones (sugar is one example)
I am starting to make connections. I hope you do too.


Reiki Doc