Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Message From Our Lady: January 23, 2013

Dear Children,

All of you are my blessed children. You are from the stars. God gave to you Free Will. It is up to you to accept this message in Love from me to your heart.

There is a little piece of star right in your Spirit-soul-energetic system. It is a Spark of Creator Source, deep within. It is the light that shines in your eyes when you are laughing, when you smile, and when you gaze upon anything with deep love and appreciation. Although the little children here in the picture are all girls, it was difficult to find a picture that would adequately describe this concept. Alas, for there are no tiny gentlemen in the picture as well does not mean that it is for the feminine only. All of us have a spark of God inside, both women and men, boys and girls, all living creatures, even the minerals called 'crystals' and the simple ones called 'rocks' have some essence, something vital and Alive that makes them what they are.

It is because of your little bit of Creation Source inside of you that I ask you to listen.

And now I Guide:

The Vibration near Gaia is Ascending.
All of you have a decision to make--that is whether to accept or reject this rise in General Vibration in Yourselves.
If you accept, you will be allowed to stay on this planet and become Galactic Citizens that are accustomed to Source and Light.
If you choose 'wait and see', that is the same, my little children, as to reject. Both will soon make your Vibration incompatible with 'what is around you'. And you will be taken one of two ways to a place that is more suitable for your stage of evolution in the Heart: another planet, or Transition. Either place will occur without your being harmed in any way. You will have all of Eternity to rise up, both at the time and situation of your choice--that is, when your Heart is Ready to accept and be a holder of Light.

As you accept the growing Light and the changes, you shall experience no pain. Only discomfort in that as your body adjusts to the Light there are some modifications to your energy body and the manner in which it 'connects' to the physical one. It is no worse than having the flu, those chills that run through your body. Everyone is different, every one shall experience their own individual set of 'changes' in their physical form. But all of you have surpassed the 'flu' in the third dimension, and all of it is very similar overall.

My Children, no matter  what, my Love embraces you in the most Motherly of a hugs. I plant a kiss on top of each of your heads. How very proud I am of you for your walk in the Light that got you to Earth. Your lessons are perfect. There are no mistakes! Only 'lessons' and when you find the time, why not go out in Nature and try some of the New Vibrations on for size? Everyone else on Earth (animal, vegetable, mineral besides humanity)  has already upgraded. If it is 'right' for you, Choose Light, and you will have an Adventure that is Beyond All Understanding. For it is Heart-centered and focused with an eye that can 'see' all dishonesty, tricks, and manipulations of those in the Lower Dimensions. (she laughs gently). And if you choose to 'play the charade of Dark', then you shall be allowed to 'continue' your path of Development in a 'toddler planet' just like the 'toddler play yard in the Galaxy', where you are safe and cannot hurt yourself in a bad way. When you are ready you shall join us any time you wish, as long as your Vibration is Compatible with another Life.

That is the Way of the Universe, children.

Your Mother has spoken a lengthy lesson. That is enough for now. I love you, and I cherish you, and I will support your choices, no matter what you make.

In Love and Appreciation,

Mother Mary

(Namaste: as channelled by Reiki Doc all rights and privileges remain. Permission given to copy this message if kept in its original form.)