Sunday, January 27, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 5

March 22, 2004   1930
Mark Taylor., M.D., Surgeon.
Died by Mortar fire in Fallujah, Iraq on Saturday.

I heard him. (ed-This is what he said in a message to me. BM is Mother Mary)
     God is going to make you happy. You are going to have a husband that loves you. Not like Frank. Not like Frank. I heard about what happened through the grapevine. I want to say I’m sorry and that I understand.

There is a happier life in front of you. One of confidence and light,  Carla. I feel it and I can see it: you are happy. Like something you have never been. I know you are hurting. I went to (a colleague) when I felt like that (like no one else would marry me.) I have a sign and I will share it. When the time is right. I will come back.
I like it on the other side. I am an angel. I can fly, honey (swims breast stroke). I can breathe.
I want you to know and understand I never felt my hit (the one that killed me). There was a blast, a lot of schrapnel—that’s all I thought it was, a flesh wound. But I bled out. Just like a trauma patient.
No one else could save me—no one else was there. It was quick.
Not to be afraid of dying, Carla, it isn’t what I thought it is. It is kind of like being on call. You kind of wait and see what you can get. Sometimes you rest, sometimes the beeper won’t stop, but you find a way to deal/handle it. Just like I did on the burn unit. Those patients were gnarly. I would rather I died than go through all that.

BM: God will bring a wedding, comfort to your heart.

MT: (Presses my arm) I forgot—I was supposed to tell you something. That husband of yours, I like him. He is a good man. I saw him right in front of you. Walk to him. Nothing else can compare. You won’t know why or how it can happen. Just be glad it did (clenches fist and shakes it).
I had my baby. And I loved him so much. That’s all I’ll miss. After all that time on earth—not my parents or my ex, not even (first name of our colleague). Just my son. I wanted to have more time with him (to prepare them and see them grow).
I always thought you were nice, Carla, and a good person. I could trust you. That is saying a lot. I am glad you were my friend (kisses me). I have to go back.
It was nice talking to you. “Don’t be afraid/don’t worry” that was my talking to you in the car this a.m.

Mark Taylor

P.S.  He was the first one that talked to me when I went to see Tim, the Medium, M.T. He came right through. At that time - late 2009, Mark Taylor. said 'I will be the first person you channel'.
Sure enough, in January 2010, in my first Psychic development class with the channeling, he did!
And  in 2013, I am still single! Two out of three ain't bad... ; )
Reiki Doc

2014--Ross is here. And now we know the rest of the story. ; )  Ross came to me in late November, 2013, and has been with me every since. We announced we are 'In A Relationship' on FB on September 14, 2014, and Mark was totally right about EVERYTHING! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3