Sunday, January 13, 2013

Message from Our Lady: January 13, 2013

My Children,

I am with you. Though I am not 'present' to your physical senses, look into your heart and know that I am always near. In trouble and in joy I never leave, for you are my Children, my Precious Jewels, and I love you EXACTLY FOR WHO YOU ARE.

Allow me to rephrase this: it is for your imperfections that I love you more dearly than anyone could love you in the flesh--for your Light is made STRONGER by the hazards that you face.

Try to imagine a crystal. How would it look if there were not cuts on it, little facets? Imagine a fine Waterford Crystal Goblet or vase--does the Light not allow it to be more brilliant because of all the delicate cuts that have been made into it by the Master who hath made it with His knowledge, and skill that came through years of practice?

Allow your Cup to be filled with lots of Golden Light. That is in you, a chalice that is so very made from the courage which you have faced the trials and tribulations of Duality, the horrors of the flesh, the embodiment of Light, for that is what you are.

Your body is not a Soul Cage but rather a vehicle of use for Higher Development. In taking it you have allowed yourself to descend from 'what you are' into a pattern of 'what you can create despite the limitations you have accepted/made prior to your incarnation in the flesh'. Is it not simple when it is described in this way, gentle children?

I guide you through the valley of the tears and suffering, because I know you are my Miracles, my Diamonds in the flesh, my fighters right from the Higher Realms, and it is my choice to walk with you, right beside you, never far away, just like a mother might be with her toddling children.

Allow yourselves to explore and learn! Allow yourself to discover the Higher Dimensions, and your abilities that you had not so long ago. I am only in the next room, and I am watching over you, ready to assist when you so ask. Or cry out, for even if you forget to ask, I shall arrive and help console you and allow you to pick yourself up and dust yourself off...and go right back in to the game which you were playing.

For that is how children learn: through play. It is your Right to play, and to create with your highest talent you can master!

For Life is a box of crayons. You have a coloring book, scissors, paper, glue, and all the craft materials to make your Masterpiece while I am not far away and always checking in without your noticing. I would like you to imagine I am at the sink, washing the dishes, and never far away from your heart.


Mother Mary

P.S. This picture is chosen for you to see the balance in the Heavens that is between the Masculine and the Feminine, together there is Life and Love. Everyone has it, a little bit of masculine and feminine. I want you to focus on the Balance of the energies that are inside of you.

(as channelled by Reiki Doc)