Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Finding Your Way in the Fifth Dimension

Hello. How are you doing? No matter what, I am here with you while the Higher Energies make the changes in the Portals, and the Grids, and you. Just like in the practice of anesthesia, I, like my dedicated co-workers, are trained to accompany you and take care of you through the changes that the surgeon makes while the operation is taking place on your body. I don't leave. I have been taught what to do in almost any situation. Although I give Reiki in my practice, and that is a little different, vigilance  is first and foremost always on my mind whenever I am working with you.

There are a lot of disturbing messages out there, and I want to talk about them to you, and reassure you not to worry.

  • KP just put out a nihilistic post that touched me deeply. 'All we have is this moment Now' and 'everything else is history'. 
  • Lucas is 'moving on' and talking about 'Love' in the same breath.
  • Sheldan Nidle is giving  a Play-By-Play about the new Government (I put it up on Facebook, but didn't make a big to do about it--it's Happy, and not bad to me.)
All that this means is that there are a lot of individuals out there, and some of them can have messages that are influenced by a number of outside energetic vibrations, as well as the perceptions they have accrued from many lifetimes.  We are entering a phase where all channellings and other 'messages' online, as well as the standard 'news' and 'alternative news sources', has to be taken with a grain of salt. This is totally expected, and just as a mom's labor changed from stage 1 (cervical dilation) to stage 2 (baby navigating the birth canal) and I tell them that the new discomfort low and in the front is a 'sign of graduating to the next part of labor' as I work to make them comfortable: these messages that are mixed are a sign that progress is being made and we are moving ahead with the transition.

My responsibility to you is to stay with you and remind you that you are waking up. and to share with you my experiences from my own awakening so you can know what is happening too.
  • Last night I dreamed I was taken out of my body! I was in the middle of doing some normal thing, and I went 'whoosh!' up and out of my body. I was flying here and there and very excited to cover great distances. I didn't have a plane. It was the energy of this dream that made it feel 'different'. Sometimes now when I meditate and connect to Source (after 12.21.12) I get a stronger 'connection'. It feels great and I enjoy it. The dream was like that.
  • People are going to wake up at their own rate. Some will not 'wake up' at all. Not everyone is following the blogs like you. I keep a picture of popcorn popping in my head when I think about Ascension--I am one of the first kernels, and when your internal moisture hits the right temperature as we sizzle in the pan, your water will expand into steam and you will 'pop' awake too! 
  • What you can do to speed this process is to concentrate on your vibration, consciously making choices that will avoid lowering your vibration, and will instead raise it. 
  • Think of me as your 'guide' in this process. You are doing the work. I am your Personal Trainer in Spirit. : )
  • When you 'awaken', be sure to extend your hand to guide others. When you find your True Calling, which is that 'nudging from Spirit' that won't shut up, and when you follow that guidance you will be quite happy (like me when I write this!) you will be automatically in energetic position to be of the most help possible for others who are around you.
Try to keep an open mind through the changes, and if you make a living from your Energy Work, try to be very open to whatever path Spirit has prepared for you; as people wake up, they are going to channel independently because they will have a strong connection to Source.
  • Here is an example: I am a physician. I spent most of my life preparing for this work. It represents who I am (look at the 'Doc' in Reiki Doc!). 
  • Medicine is changing. There are going to be major developments with Technology coming down  the pipes. 
  • What will I do when others are healed? Well, if there is energy work, and I am invited to participate in the rolling out of these technologies, I would be delighted to help the field of medicine accept these new technologies.
  • And if I am not to do this? I have Plan B--I love animals, and want to take care of them. (I wanted to be a veterinarian first, or a zookeeper, or a ranger, but I have allergies. These allergies should go away in the Higher Dimensions)
  • So for you, try to sort out what Spirit is calling you to do, even if you have a career in it, and ask yourself from time to time 'what is it I would absolutely love to do if I were invited to do anything else?'

The Mayans have been through these shifts before. They say it is 'no big deal'. I agree. Just drink lots of water, spend time in Nature, do your best to help others, be kind to yourself, and take everything else with a grain of salt. Always use your Intuition, your Internal Compass, which will 'resonate' when you are on the right track and something is True.

As far as I am concerned, we are walking this path together. Hiking is always more pleasant when there is company along the trail.


Reiki Doc