Friday, January 11, 2013

buddha's tears

There is a phenomenon that happens when you are close to angels, heaven, and home. It is unmistakeable and far far more important a Truth than when something 'resonates' in your heart center.
In the face of overwhelming lovingkindness, your defenses drop. Your guard that you carry around all day hits the floor. And you cry.

I experienced that out of the blue recently.

I'd like to tell you about it. That way when it happens to you, you will *know* and further, understand what has happened and why.

My cup was empty. You know that little 'cup' you have of self Love and Light that you use throughout the day? I Reiki'd myself on schedule. But I was hungry. Last night my dinner had been one see's chocolate and three handfuls of cinnamon almonds before I returned my boss's phone call, then a bowl of the cereal 'millet rice'. That was it.

I finished work early, and thought to go somewhere I had been once with a gift certificate. I work with the spouse of the owner. This colleague is a kind soul, and my comfort food all the way through medical school has been pho, a vietnamese soup with lots of basil in it. I wanted pho.

I debated whether or not to go, after all, I have my kitchen, and plenty of organic fresh produce. How can you afford not to go? my inner guidance said.

I had soup (are you okay with those chopsticks? the waiter asked. later he was surprised I put all five jalapeno slices into the soup!), and a chocolate smoothie. The food is prepared in a special way. I could feel my Vibration going UP.

Ready to face the world, I stopped off in the washroom before I left. Then I saw it. An ad. Yes, in the bathroom, there was an ad. From the chef. For PEACE aromatherapy. I 'picked up' that this guy knew what he was doing. And I laughed because of the tag line, 'makes great deodorant and bug repellent'. All that money and aromatherapy art for that?

I asked the waiter how to buy some PEACE. I thought it would be good for my mother in the hospital.
At the counter, chef himself put one drop on the carpal tunnel of my right hand. POW.

I know fragrance. I was the Princess Nose of a consumer products company fresh out of college. I can tell Miracle Botanicals has high-quality oils. This one drop was off the map. Outstanding. I asked for one for mom. Chef went to get more necklace holders in back.

That's when the Channelling and Guides started in on me. get the fairy holder for mom. get the butterfly for your sister. get the copper for yourself. get the non-copper but same design for your other sister. Ask him about Buddha's Tears. I noticed from the display that there was some serious woo at this place.

As the Chef came back, I was guided to share about my blog. I did. Thirty thousand hits. Double fist bump from chef. Ask about the tears! No-that's weird--he'll think I'm weird. Ask about the TEARS!

I let him know my day job, and my connection to owner. I pulled out a billing slip with my name all printed on it. He was like, 'you do anesthesia?' I was like, 'Ya!' I whispered  I am Karuna Reiki Master and that I do Reiki on people in the O.R.! Chef politely acted delighted. I am peanuts. He is famous! Then I shared my blog link and twitter @usui2102. He was polite and swore to keep his lips sealed on my identity. Ask about Buddha's TEARS!

So I asked. No clue. 'Google it' he said. (Ok! Ok! so I asked!--guides then got quiet).

I shared how the buddha is my Karuna Reiki guide. 'No way!' said Chef, more convincingly.

He told me to get a different blend than PEACE for me. Aphrodite. He went to give me a test, and I offered my left wrist. No. He said the pinkies, stick them in your ears, and then another drop again. I liked it. My vibration felt it settle in. As he prepared my necklace, I saw he blew on it. I know what that meant. It is a very high Spiritual training to do that.

Then after he prepared the others, he gave me a bottle of PEACE as his gift. I was overwhelmed. As we did the charges (they are not cheap, but I did not want to pay less than full price, I insisted), he took out one more. He blessed it, put it into a necklace, and put it on me.

The confusion hit. Why are you being so good to me? What did I ever do to deserve this kindness? It was sincere. It was steady. It was like Home--home home, the place where I am from but can't remember, the place where angels are normal, and Love reigns. It can be Outer Space, it can be in the clouds, it can be deep in Agartha--I don't know. All that I know is that it is not Here. And Chef knows of Home. And I miss it very much.

Chef came around the counter, and gave me a hug of support. My tears are on his shoulder.

They are the greatest gift a soul has to give, tears of joy, tears of gratitude, tears of longing for Home.

And that is the story of buddha's tears.


Reiki Doc