Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Message From Our Lady, January 3rd, 2013

Gracious Children,

Everything that you have experienced is going away--all of the negative, hateful, sorrowful, and rude. God has had enough of it, and it putting a stop to it right away, at once (puts a closed fist near her heart for emphasis). It is done! It is finished! All this pain is going to cease.

This does not mean that needles for the blood test draw are not going to pinch. Nor are injections going to lose their sting. What I am referring to is the end of the suffering that has been imposed on us through others. There is hopelessness replaced by an honest assessment of the situation, and a courage to take steps to remedy it.

You will have a chance at what you are meant to do on Earth, and not be harnessed to what some of your musical artists have described as 'The Machine', a global, geo-political establishment that was built with the very few at the top to reap the harvests of all of your work.

Talk about milking cattle! Talk about shearing sheep! You have been fleeced out of your Birthright without your being aware of it. God has given it back. It will take some practice now to 'get the hang of it'.

Daughter, you are powerfully and wonderfully blessed. As is your mother, father, all of the inhabitants of Earth, all of them will have the same blessing. Those of you on Earth who sweetly channel, be prepared to step back and allow for the independence of our gentler brothers and sisters. Kindly show them how to wait and listen to Spirit with the Heart Center. They can do it! For you shall be a reference point, like training wheels on a bicycle. I trust that you understand my message to Earth at this time.

Namaste, and I Shower you with Blessings from my Heart, continuously!

Mother Mary

(as channelled by Reiki Doc. Namaste. Peace.)