Saturday, January 5, 2013

Royal Resentment for Kapu

In this life, much has been ordinary and common. Growing up in a blue collar neighborhood, most of my friends did not share my passion to be a doctor. It was a long haul to go through all of the education. Needless to say I paid for most of it myself, and medical training I paid for it by myself totally.

My Reiki education brought me joy and enthusiasm to learn again. (I learned it as a physician). Yet there was a mystery: on attunement as a Reiki Master, my guide turned out to be...a coworker?

Yes, it was Dr. Lanai, the tall but gentle surgeon who wore the largest gloves in the O.R., a size nine. I enjoyed working with him, and I wondered how he could keep his temper in check. Even when upset (the specimen had not been taken down for study--and it was sent an hour ago) we could tell but he kept his calm and was polite. Dr. Lanai had been my chief resident on an away rotation when I was a second-year resident in general surgery. He had been at another facility. I enjoyed working with him. He joined on with the team at that hospital, with a team that somewhat took advantage of the new hires. He knew this but worked to support his family, which was large. Because I came back to a hospital where his group covered surgery, we 'met' again.

Why would my Reiki Master guide be a colleague? He was a nice colleague and had both physical and mental strength. And a good heart. A Native Hawaiian.  I figured that was enough, and I accepted it as such. I did not compare to others who got Archangels and Ascended Masters as their guides during the class.


Fast forward two years later. I go to a conference in Big Island. My hotel room given has a view more of a stone structure and mountain than the ocean view I requested. The room has a darkness to it. And there is the whine of a fan from the kitchen of the restaurant across the walkway. I am so uncomfortable I ask for a new room. And I get it, I get an ocean view with the pool between me and the water! I was told that the kind of room I had in mind had been an 'Ocean Front', but this room was nice. I didn't care what happened, as long as I was away from the darkness I had felt in that other room.

Earlier I had hoped to befriend another Lightworker on this trip. We had exchanged a few emails. In my heart of hearts I wanted to know my Hawaiian Name. There was a past life there, I could tell. I wanted to know the Truth about my past life from this Kahuna on the island.

The Truth I found out was that the prospect of meeting this Lightworker was the carrot spirit had used to get me on this trip. Once there, we had a Tsunami warning with full evacuation. (Of course I did energy work for protection, and asked for protection from every Lightworker I knew, except for that ONE, of course. It worked! Mahalo!) This Lightworker wanted nothing to do with me, and I vowed never to make contact again. And I was glad, too, because he was in tight with Kamehameha. He had found his spirit, like an old man, and set him free, he said during our one and only phone call. Why on earth would anyone want to do that? I asked, surprised. He was a bloodthirsty monster! I was told by this Lightworker, 'no, he wasn't that way at all. He was thankful.'

Funny, because before I left mainland, Pele had promised to give my honor back from the disrespect of the Lightworker to me, by working with Kamehameha...

That room was in a Rockefeller built hotel. Iluminati. I did energy work as guided, and put up a vortex on the whole site, claiming it for the Light. I felt the energy 'release' from the builders. (Incidentally the shape of this building is much like a Heiau)

Since there was a 'keep out of the ocean' warning the following day,  I drove up north, towards those mountains. There was a historic landmark there, Pu'ukohola Heiau. This one has quite a story. I had on a sleeveless dress, and the sun was hot. I went into the gift shop and bought a tee shirt. I also joined the club offer they were selling. Then I went out to sketch the Heiau. As I 'sketched' I did energy work. I was interrupted by the clerk, whose name is similar to a famous cartoon mermaid, which was a sign. (I love that mermaid, and all mermaids) She told me of her amakua, Shark. She told me why we aren't allowed on the Heiau, in a nice way. I thanked her and she left.

Then I continued to do what spirit asked me to do. (It was Illuminati that asked Kamehameha to build the Heiau) Later I will add a link to my earlier blog for what I saw. For now, all you need to know is big vortex white. And also, that I 'met' Kamehameha. He was working for good in the Vortex. Big and strong, smart and royal. I could not hate him any more. I was wrong.

It was then that I learned in my Hawaiian Past Life I had been his daughter, his favorite one from his favorite wife. The resentment was from his being away so much, and the way society treated the women--there were no warriors or kahunas--it was denied women and only men could aspire to it. It was 'kapu', forbidden.

We made peace.

He helped me in Energy Work elsewhere upon the Island. There is a big golden vortex somewhere where the energy was 'stuck' and only he could unblock it. I saw him open that with all his might. This was offshore at another 'site' where I 'sketched'.

As a child, Kamehameha had a different name. It was Pai'ea, a kind of crab that lives on a near vertical cliff and is fearless. My Hawaiian name, at the time of knowing the Lightworker 'carrot', was Pili, or Au'Pili. I thought it meant 'one who sticks to you like glue'. Someone with a 'Pili left a comment on one of these blog posts. I looked it up. That one meant 'spiritual'. When I boarded the plane, I was told my Hawaiian name was 'Hoku', and 'Au'pili' was a joke to point out how annoying I had been to that Hawaiian Kahuna. Although I loved then name 'Hoku' more than anything, by itself it just did not seem enough. So I added my father's childhood name in honor of him--to make it:  Hokupai'ea.

At the visitor's center when I was on my way out from Pu'ukohola Heiau, there was a life-size mural of Kamehameha in his prime.

He looked just like Dr. Lanai...


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