Monday, January 14, 2013


I was having some deep thoughts--I am not joking--seriously! I was having some deep thoughts while pulling into the parking lot at Mother's Market, and this license plate caught my eye: IDELIGHT.
It was secondary confirmation to my 'lesson' from Spirit, so I am sharing it here with you now.

Spirit doesn't think the way you and I do. Spirit doesn't talk in words exactly...although I am a channel, I am taking in feeling/thoughts/pictures/gestures/emotions in what I call 'thought pictures' and 'translating them' into something you may understand.

It was once said that if you can imagine the sounds inside a composer's head, how much more beautiful they must be than what gets written into the actual music. There is a dilution of sorts, from the celestial into the earthly, if you will.

That being said, I will try to make this lesson as clear to you as possible:

Guide: What is the happiest you can imagine?

Reiki Doc: Getting my emotional needs met, always, without question, like the air I breathe, instead of this 'duality' experience that somehow just doesn't seem 'right'.

Guide: pause. very long pause. very long uncomfortable pause. What is the happiest you can imagine?

Then I got it--there are entire degrees of happiness out there that are far beyond what I as an incarnated soul in the third-fourth-fifth dimensions can grasp!

AND--if you accept the guidance of the angels, Higher  Power, your most charming 'Higher Self', your 'anything extraterrestrial that is more intelligent than you' to help your life play out, chances are you are going to begin to experience some of this Higher Octane, Premium Happiness with a Capital 'H'.

I turned around the corner because there was, dude, like NO parking whatsoever, and WOW--there it was, 'IDELIGHT'...I Delight! I DELIGHT!

Yes you do, o Blessed Universe! You delight me without my knowing it!

Maybe I can 'let go' of the 'steering wheel' (ego--what I 'think' happiness looks like--conditional love, etc) and let You drive.

I hope this makes sense to you. I had feeling with this one, and I have to say, that Higher-Powered Fuel of Pure Unconditional Love, Intelligence, Warmth, Nurturing and Compassion  was JOY! And it felt really great!


Reiki Doc

P.S. No wonder why I am so homesick. Heaven and the Higher Dimensions are really great...