Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Para Norma

I just watched the movie 'Paranorman', and I smiled inwardly. It is a fascinating example of what it is like to be me, up until the 'action' part with the angry mob scene and zombies. As little Norman goes through his day, he 'picks up' on different energy imprints in the area he lives, as well as entities who have passed and are ghosts. They aren't scary. They are just like humans--for of course! They were! And Norman accepts this for what it is.

The part in the movie about people being afraid of Norman and his gift, and making fun of him, is also an exaggeration of a basic truth. Many of the psychic development students had trouble 'opening up' because of this. In fact, our teacher said that some were executed for being 'different' because of their psychic ability in past lives.

How Norman talks to the 'witch-girl' at the end, is the basics of how I help people cross over. It is a heart to heart between my soul and the one I am helping, and once the entity I am helping decides to trust in what advice I share, they turn to Light and go away. Sometimes I see angels there to be taking them.

I spend to much time in the blog, describing what is happening to me because I sense that at some time, if not already, experiences like this are going to be happening to others too. I want you to accept this part that is your birth right as a human. The ability to communicate mind-to-mind, heart-to-heart, and to manifest or 'co-create' the future and what will come to pass. One day it will be as familiar as using your Tivo or cell phone is to you now.

Get ready! I am starting to experience the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions in larger chunks each day. I really enjoy it. And I know you are going to have fun with it too. It is Magic!

(By the way, the witches that were punished in Salem centuries ago were Fifth Dimensional humans who got a little to excited about their abilities and shared them with Third-Dimensional neighbors who did not understand. This is a big part behind the delay for 'disclosure' and other 'predictions' and 'events'--the Third-Dimensional 'neighbors' that we have to day can only 'take' so much that is not of their Vibration. Source wants the MOST SOULS to get to the Fourth and Higher Dimensions. Raising your vibration is the best way to help others catch a 'contact' vibration 'high' and awaken themselves!)


Reiki Doc