Saturday, January 19, 2013

Aesthetics and Ascension

Need to lose a few extra pounds? Got that 'tired' look going on around the eyes? Are you wondering what you can do about it?


Everyone who goes through the Ascension process is going to rejuvenate and go back to their best body that they ever had. It will be by choice. You can 'select' how you wish to appear. It is very simple.

I can change shape at will when I assist souls who are stuck in Crossing Over to the Other Side. I discovered it quite by accident. A classmate of mine lost their father while waiting for a heart to become available for transplant. The family was Jewish. This was back in the early days of my 'assisting', and I had never taken a psychic development class or anything of the sort. I just knew if I concentrated hard enough, I could 'see' where they were. I went into 'alpha', like I would do with praying the Rosary (I have said many!), or working on something I enjoy (like painting). There they would be. I helped my own Grandfather, and the best friend of my husband (when I was married), cross. So, out of compassion and love for my grieving friend, I lay down and started to 'look' for his dad.

I found him.

He was afraid of me, and pulled back. Surprised, I mentally asked him why? And although he did not say anything, I realized he was looking for someone from the Jewish Faith to help him cross. Instantly I changed form into a fat rabbi with a yarmulke and those little long curls in front of each ear. I wondered if this will work?

It did! I felt him relax immediately, and he reached out to my extended hand like a child! That was all it took. I place his hand into Our Lady's, and they disappeared at once!

As the holidays approached at the end of 2012, years later, I dreaded the five pounds that usually comes with it. I decided to 'think myself thin' as the 21st December was approaching. Secretly I hoped to 'transform' into my Light Body then and there. If I did, I didn't notice it!

But now I can fit into a pair of size eight jeans. On some level, it has worked. My friend showed me her brow lift yesterday after I asked about her two black eyes under her glasses. It looked good on her. But I laughed to myself, because with Ascension, I can be any age I wish. I can look my best. Without any scars and patches of numbness (she is numb above both of her eyes! sad, isn't it?)

The door rang. The cable man is here. He is about twenty years old, and an 'apple' shape. He fixed the cable and we started talking about my boy who is husky, and my trouble getting him to stop overeating. It seems emotional at times, because I am always at work. He had some advice, and also shared that at home he ate well, but with his twelve hour days as a contractor, he eats what he can on the road, and it is not healthy. He goes for 'the cheapest and biggest thing he can find'. Then he asked me about what I do, since I have long hours too.  Anesthesia always gets people to 'open up'. He started on his anxiety. It turns out he has a severe case of Obstructive Sleep Apnea that is untreated. His mother has it too. His 'anxiety' in reality is from hypoxemia. Desaturation makes you panic, for keeping you alive! With his permission, I wrote out a care plan, with all the medical jargon, and encouraged him to battle the insurance companies for his care. (Sometimes doctors are slow to refer to a specialist because of 'the system'.). He apologized for taking my time, and I reassured him I am 'doctor' 24/7, and I am always glad to help someone in need of medical advice. (I think we have solved part of the 'medical mystery' of the Patient-Diet-Surgeon connection, did we not?) And of course I referred him to Evita Ochel's Udemy e-course on Optimal Health ($35--a good bargain).

Remember, in Reiki, at the beginning, you are going to gain about ten pounds. This is typical because as the connection to Spirit and Source is stronger, the body has to compensate to keep you 'grounded' more. This will pass. As you increase in your Reiki training, your body will encourage you to make healthier choices. Yesterday at lunch it was Vietnamese food in the Doctor's Dining Room. We get that every Friday. I passed up the meat. It was barbeque pork, and I didn't want to take the health damage hit from eating that. I took the rice, doused it in sauce, added lettuce, sliced carrots, tomato, and cucumber and was happy through the rest of my day!

Take Evita's Course. Here is the link. You won't regret it. Evita herself just contacted me and provided this new link to save you five dollars! Now the course, at a special rate for you Doctors With Reiki readers, is only Thirty Dollars! Thank you Evita for your kindness!


Reiki Doc