Saturday, January 5, 2013

Muchas Gracias St. Germain!

Today's blog post is about an important lesson I have learned with St. Germain. I went to the hospital today to visit my mom, who has been inpatient for some time, and has some severe energy patterns for her children to weather. Long story short--the protection worked! I am just as strong in my aura as when I left, possibly better, because the protection allowed me to really be caring and loving and accepting instead of on a defensive stance during my visit to her.

Who is St. Germain? Well, from what I know, he is an Ascended Master, who is good with finance and impossible things. He likes things fair. And he always roots for the Underdog to win in any situation! His fund was started by him and is supposed to bring prosperity in a Robin Hood fashion to the ninety-nine percent. He has lived on Earth as Francis Bacon, as a french nobleman, and I am not sure about anyone else. What does he look like? It was his choice to post the oblique reference to him above--the church in his name in Paris, and the Metro stop. But here is one I found that looks close:
I see him with no wings, and less of that curl in his hair, although the length is right. The demeanor and face is very close.

One of the gifts of St. Germain is the Violet Flame. It is cleansing and healing all at once, and very highly protective. Here is a look at an artist's depiction of it. Feel the power and the Light:

How did I use it for the energetic protection that I used today?
Well, let me ask you, when you need protection, for yourself and others, what is one thing you have been taught to do?
Candles sort of help you to pray, right? You don't think twice about lighting one for yourself and others. It is a sign of love and caring?

Well, in your aura, you can wrap a bubble of Light around you as protection. The White Light of protection is very helpful and safe. A layer of Pink can be used for Universal Love. Green is for Love as well. Gold is for Archangels. You can pick up to three layers, and it will last all day. Today for the first time, thanks to Meline Lafont, I put the Violet Flame inside my bubble of white light, making my aura look somewhat like this:

I would be the deep blue center. Then the outside would be the white light of protection. Inside it are both the Violet Flame--to cleanse and protect and heal and get rid of anything I don't need--and the turquoise Light for enhanced communication.

So, with a 'full cup' (I went and had fun to replenish my energy when I was burnt out from mom and the hospital earlier this week), and a full heart, with my aura completely protected, I was able to spend time with mom today. I smiled as she asked for many things, and I did not get much time to do anything else but dote on her. She didn't like the slippers. She said no to the fingernail polish I offered to do for her. She did not want to try the lipstick that I bought, but the name 'Coquette' made her smile. My being a source of Love, as well as her daughter, was healing for her as well as for me.

It was a good day.

Try it! Try 'lighting the shell of protection of light candle' form of prayer into your aura, and see how it works! You'll be delighted, I know it!


Reiki Doc