Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bless Others

You can bless others! You don't have to take religious vows. You have the ability to give your Blessing to everyone you like!

Parents, bless your children! They are protected in the Light when you bless them. At bedtime, I make a small cross on each of my kid's forehead, saying the words, 'God Bless You and Protect You and Have a Good Night.'

Any words of blessing will do.

Children, bless your parents! Mine is now more frail, and much in need of it. You can bless in everything you do, in every pillow you fluff, in every glass of water that you help sip. Why go through the motions when you can bless it while you do each task? Honestly, in their own age I have learned that the parent-child bond that is quite protective in our youth, it manifests in the opposite direction as our parents approach their declining years....

You can bless your boss, you coworkers, your friends, the lady down the street, the clerk at the register who is ringing your purchase up...why not bless everything as you go through life?

You can. And every day, by my Free Will, I send Reiki and Divine Peace Healing as my blessing to each of you.


Reiki Doc