Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ascension Signs in the Operating Room

To those of you who are looking toward Ascension, you are probably wondering what all the evidence of it is?

I don't know. I don't know for certain. But I 'sense' with my 'feelings' that something was 'different' about today. Just walk with me through a short summary of key points that 'stood out' as 'something new and better' from an Energy standpoint.

I was running late. Again. But today I made it up in my mind to be loving, to get certain things done, and to not stress. I got to work early--because of this mindset.

First Start
There are certain conditions a patient can have that make the anesthesiologist get all stressed out. Mine had three of them. Our tech was out sick--so I had to run around and get all of the speciality equipment to keep this patient safe. I ended up about fifteen minutes behind in going to the room. Did I stress? No I thought, 'It is what it is and this patient is taking more of my time than expected, and that is okay.'

Invasive Monitoring
I have a cardiac fellowship. I am good at lines. When I can't get one, I get  frustrated. Today on my one and only limb available for my line, I was a swing and a miss. I had to ask the surgeon to try. Fortunately, this was their specialty. First thing, was that the surgeon used ultrasound, not blind insertion. It showed clearly that the vessel was in spasm. And that it was unusually small, with the catheter in the center line of the vessel. I learned that 'it is what it is' applies to this last remnant of ego left in me! 

Educating the Surgeon
We go back to training together. After the work was done, and closing was begun, the conversation became more relaxed. I mentioned the eCourse I am taking by Evita Ochel on Optimum Health. I explained that there is more to health than nutrition. It is like a coffee table with five legs: diet, exercise, sleep, your emotions, and your surroundings/environment. My surgeon said, 'I only can control two of those three, diet, and exercise.', surprised at how imbalanced his lifestyle really is. He spoke it from the heart. I agreed, my life style is like that too, often causing me to eat cereal for dinner like I did tonight after eight p.m. because I get home too late to cook for myself.

Breakfast was at six. First case ran long. Second case was moved to another room. The same surgeon had the third case still booked in my room, and was pushing 'to go'--it's quick! Instead of fighting it, I did the second case (for me, and for him), hungry. I told the nurse, and the patient overheard that I was going to just go for it. I laughed and said, 'I am so hungry right now you could do surgery on me!'.
The patient liked that humor very much.

Today people in the nurses' lounge were interested in my lunch. It was 'yellow': a whole yellow bell pepper that I cut with a knife, crackers and some cheese ball, and a grapefruit. 'Do you just eat the pepper like that?' Well, yes, I cut it up. As I was eating the grapefruit, someone walked in and said, 'Wow, it smells like someone made orange tea in here!'. Another nurse laughed and said, 'Or possibly grapefruit tea?' and nodded towards my pile of grapefruit peels in front of me. It is being in the open with others, that touches their awareness when it comes to the five pillars of health.

Any Available Anesthesiologist?
As I was finishing my lunch, and before I had a chance to make tea, a phone call came into the nurses' lounge to the charge nurse. Would I mind going up to the ICU to intubate a patient in distress? Okay, no problem. I put away my lunch in my locker, washed my hands, and ran upstairs to the unit.
The patient was moribund, and frightened with air hunger. Think about it, hunger for air--it is the worst condition I know, clinically. I announced myself, and what I was there to do. 'Okay'. There was some technical stuff that made it take longer than usual. During the bag-valve mask ventilation to get the sats up for another try, I realized why I was the one sent: I could give Reiki. And I did. I assisted the Transition process by giving the Transition symbol and a number of other Reiki symbols with my mind as I held on to the mask while Respiratory squeezed the bag. I felt the energy 'connect' and 'go in'. Then everything went fine. I was pleasantly surprised to see how Awareness can add a side to medicine that is so much more than an intervention or a comfort measure. It adds heart to what you have been sent to do.

Angels in the O.R.
A much-anticipated pregnancy ended. This is where the knowledge of Reiki helps in what to say at the bedside in support of the patient. You are guided, you just 'know' what is right. As the procedure went on, I decided to give Reiki to the patient, and the Transition symbol for the lost innocent and the family. Then, where the ceiling meets the wall, in a big semicircle, I saw very faint large angels. The angels extended their right hands and beamed thin streams of white light at the patient's reproductive system. I was startled at first, but okay with it. I learned that healing is a joint venture between Spirit and the Light AND whatever healing paradigm is being used to relieve suffering of a patient. That is so good to know!

The Warming Jacket
It is freezing in the O.R. I had to ask for a paper cover jacket. Later, I went to Sterile Processing, and took one of the long blue cloth ones. The people who make sure all of the instruments are clean and sterile for surgery are really nice and share their good jackets with me. One was folding paper around a pack and asked me how my mother is doing in the hospital. I said she was making progress, and that it was hard on me being the 'medical person' for the family. She laughed and said, 'OMG, you are so down to earth that sometimes I forget you are a doctor!' And she shared how in her family there is one uncle who 'everybody asks' all the medical stuff, too. But he was doom and gloom, and predicted after her hip injury as a young adult that she would never walk again. She's fine now! She proved him wrong!

The Snack
As I was eating lunch at like, two thirty, one of the nurses said that 'even the charge nurse of PACU has not had a chance to eat'. I thought it was Not Right that we would work under these conditions. And after intubating the patient in the Unit, I saw the Charge Nurse--she had been holding her pee for four hours, never mind lunch, she was so busy. Again, with my heart and soul I thought, Not Right!
About an hour later, downstairs, in the nursing lounge and also the desk in PACU, were fifty small orange juices with a bag of Trail Mix on top of each one. Sustenance. From the Big Nurse in Administration to show she knew everybody is working so hard. Although these were for nurses, and not for doctors, I am well-liked. A nurse gave me one.  And that was my dinner, until I got home to my cereal. I manifested this. I raised the signal with my heart center. Someone heard it. And that someone chose to act. 

Forced to Work for Free
As I looked on the face sheet I saw the words 'self pay'. That means the patient has no insurance. The people working on the patient will not be guaranteed compensation for their work. Self pay is tough because the surgeon has to take E.R. call to be on staff. The case went to the E.R., who called the specialist surgeon, who booked the case. Everyone, and the hospital, has to work for free. Sure, billing companies will go into collections. Nobody talks about this in Organized Health Care Programs by the government-like Oblamacare. It is a cost of doing business, knowing you are going to get stiffed before you even go to the O.R., while still being exposed to malpractice risks.

Healing the Timeline
A patient from someplace known for conflict came to my care. I asked to heal any timelines that are still connected to this location, just in case. It was a big 'win' for the Light, that request. : )

Social Events that are Booked
A fun program I wanted to attend on 'dad's weekend' is closed off. And the mail thing I saw, a workshop on meditation for Physician and their staff on the same day? The one my soul felt like, 'you've GOT to go'? Waitlisted!  But by cultivating the Trust in Abundance and the Universe, I know that no matter what, everything will happen for the Best.  Besides, as a policy I don't make reservations for anything besides travel  anyway. ; ) (this is a huge change from who I was five years ago--total planner! Spirit has worked wonders in me)

Did you know you can go longer without food than you can without sleep? And that your body is active during sleep? You brain, your tissues, your organs, and your cells regenerate. Your body will force you to sleep after a certain length of time. I can feel that it is that time for me. Good night, and thank you for sharing the highlights of this day.


Reiki Doc