Monday, January 28, 2013

It is Like Riding A Bicycle

How do you learn to ride a bicycle?

Well, if you recall, many toddlers get a 'scooter toy', something shaped like a car or something else with wheels that you sit on, push with your feet, and ride.

As coordination increases, by age three, just about everyone gets a tricycle. Or a big wheel. It is more stable, but also, not that fast. It goes by your pushing on the pedals, and is more fun than the 'scooter toy' ever had been.

As you grow, your parents will provide you with a bicycle. It is smaller scale, but an actual bike. The only thing different about it, is the presence of 'training wheels'. This is to help you to learn your balance so you won't fall and hurt yourself. Many times these bicycles are brightly decorated, either in pinks and purples for a girl, or superheroes and bright colors for a boy.My son had the Transformers bike from Target. It was a happy day when he got to ride it.

My first bike was a child-sized bike. It was used, and I was seven when I got it. I already could roller skate, so my balance was good. Mine was purple with a leopard print banana seat, and a sissy bar that was taller than me. Father used this sissy bar to hold the bike up while I balanced. I actually got the hang of it, but was afraid. Later he told me, he wasn't actually holding on to the sissy bar, but kept running behind me so I could hear his footsteps and think he was.

Turns were a difficult thing for me to learn. The timing and the body motions were complex, and at the corner sometimes I would go straight, off the curb, and fall into the street. Once I mastered it, I got my own bicycle for Christmas from my parents. It was a beautiful gold Royce Union, and it shone brilliantly.

I thought it would last forever! But I outgrew it. When I was twelve, my parents bought me a Nishiki. It was a ten-speed and white. I put a lot of miles on that bike with my friends. I could ride it without holding on to the handle bars, just by balancing and sitting up.

It is still in my garage today. I have a new black bike, an all purpose one I got last Christmas for myself. But there is so much joy in my Nishiki, and with dad being in Heaven now, I like to keep that bike around because it has so many special memories of him.

Ascension is a new skill, much like riding a bike. It will allow you to go places you have never experienced, and to enjoy yourself in a whole new way that is quite 'different' from where you are in the Spiritual 'spectrum', from the equivalent of the 'scooter toy', to the 'tricycle', to the 'training bike with training wheels', to the polycarbonate bicycle that is made for racing.

As you pedal faster on a bicycle, what happens to your ride? Is it not more stable?

With your Vibration, the faster it gets (or 'Higher', as I often describe it), the more stable your energy system gets.

It will throw off illness. It will repel negativity. It will bring joy much like the wheels of a bicycle get that 'humming noise' while you are riding very fast down hill and experience a certain exhiliaration with the wind and the speed.

And it will also give a vibration 'contact high' to others. Ascension will be more possible for them by being around your High Vibration too. You won't have to speak. It is just aura-to-aura communication.

Saturday night I found a parking space in a crowded parking structure at the mall by claircognizance alone. I didn't think. I didn't feel. I 'knew' and had faith to turn down that  aisle. One family came to the car, put something away, and went back in to the mall. I wasn't flustered. For right behind was a mother and daughter, who went to their car, backed out of the spot, and drove away. I pulled right in.

I also have had exposure to some respiratory illnesses and the flu, and not caught them, in the past four weeks.

I feel like I had a good workout all of the time. I feel content. I feel joy and peace all of the time.

And I feel a connection with love in my heart to others. It is Unconditional Love. It flows easy and is like breathing--totally normal and automatic.

It takes a lot to annoy me now. And when I do get irked, I 'bounce back' to my normal state rapidly. For example, at the hospital, I expressed to the team, calmly, 'I have a concern' while the diagnosis of an upper arm DVT (blood clot) was obvious to me from seeing a picture of the arm on Sunday, and I talked to the doc that morning and on Wednesday when I went in the diagnostic study that I requested Sunday morning had not been done and mother's arm was worse. No righteous anger. No ire. No raised voice.

I can live like that! You can too. It is as easy as riding a bicycle.


Reiki Doc