Friday, January 11, 2013

ET Phone Home

Today I went aboard ship. It is a good story. You will like it. It makes me smile just to think about it.

In meditation, for the third time, I pick up the energy of Cobra. He is off in the horizon. I am thankful to see him. He smiles and points as if to say, 'Look up!'.

So I look up. Way in the sky, miles above, is a ship. It was standard UFO shape, a disc with a bump in the center, kind of like a frisbee, and silver. I think, cool Cobra, that is great! How pretty!

Cobra says back, 'Go in.'

So I think and 'poof' I am aboard ship! There is a console like the other ones have, and I am greeted by extraterrestrials that look like Megamind in face with a slightly smaller head, and they are silver like tinfoil. Everything, the suit is like silver lame, even the boots that are silvery and go up to the shin over the silvery tights. And they are tall, like, seriously tall, like twelve feet!

You guys look like a bad B movie! I thought, incredulously. And they were serious. They understood my telepathy...and were struggling to interpret it...bad? B? movie? What is a bad movie? One that promotes harm?

No! Not at all. There are 'good movies', the ones that are well-made and become classics and win awards. Then there are the kind that everyone likes to actually go out and see. Back in the fifties, there were some budget science fiction movies, that were trying to be good and ended up being humorous is kind of like ugly-cute. It is endearing in its own way.

It took a while but they understood. I 'got' that this was the costume that they thought would be 'least threatening' to most people. I could see through the costume spiritually into the gorgeous advanced beings they were inside, briefly, and I understood that people in general would be intimidated by them after all the movies about war and saving Earth from being taken over.

It was a dilemma. How to approach the average Joe? They were thinking about a funny angle, and I said, no, on Earth you never degrade yourself. Ever. People lose respect.

Then they had a 'how about if we are lost tourists of the galaxy on a vacation seeking life in Earth, like, on a tour or something?'

No. Be honest. How about this, 'there is a planet in trouble. would you help us?' that would be able to touch the highest humanity in our hearts, to aid and assist a planet from destruction. And then gently, they would come to realize that the planet that is at risk is their own Gaia from years of ill-use.

They went away after that one. There were no goodbyes. I think they got what they wanted from me.

And I am still laughing about that ridiculous get-up, the stooping over in costume, complete with sparkly capes...


Reiki Doc