Monday, January 28, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 6

January 2, 2005  2134
 At 1915 tonight, I was watching and E documentary on Laci Peterson. And she came to me.
 (she stood holding Connor to the  left of my t.v. as I watched it)
 She said, “God will have you a husband!” and she smiled and felt like an angel. Connor was with her. She was happy to be with her baby and said she would be in heaven ‘for a long time’. Her voice was very bright and clear. There was a smile and love in that voice, which was distinctive. It was a little high pitched and a little raspy at the same time, much like a cheerleader's voice might get.
 I asked her how she died and she said, “I’ll tell you later. It would upset you too much right now.”  She said “not to worry. Everything is going to be all right. He will be a good man."
 Later on, in the show, I found out her due date was February 10, 2003.
 (Reiki Doc editor's note-my due date was February 5, but my son was born on February 10.  She was just as far along as me when she died.)
 And my mom said Scott had asked a hit man what the best way to dispose of a body was --‘attach concrete weights to limbs and neck and throw in ocean. It will fall apart, no fingerprints.  Mom told me that at 1300 today.