Saturday, January 26, 2013

On Yoga and Shrooms

Motherhood had got the best of me. I am a dancer, and I was taking classes four days a week with the teenagers when I got pregnant. I took a class once, on business, with the Junior Company for The Geoffrey Ballet, and I kept up. Dancing was my life, outside of medicine.

It is difficult to find the time to exercise when you want to be there for your child.

The gyms are all sweaty and I hate the music. Working out at home is lonely. I bought a ten-pack of Pilates private instruction, but I never had the chance to finish it. It was with one of my old ballet teacher, too, and she was excellent.

Today I went to Yoga.

I was post-call from OB. I actually slept nine hours! When I got there, we had to clean the floor of the place. It is a restaurant known for being a Vegan/Raw social center.

I volunteered to sweep while the teacher followed with the mop.

Something strange was on the floor. Little capsules, like for vitamins, but empty. I collected them in my hand. There were about ten in all. I asked Teacher 'what are these?' and showed him my hand.

He was angry. They were from 'shrooms'. People had been taking them and throwing them all over the floor. The floor gets cleaned on Mondays. I suspect it might have been the 'open mic night' crowd? For the restaurant is full of asian and white families otherwise?

I was sad. Even vegan-raw is not without the effects of Duality.

There is no place to go that is 'safe' for me, not a church, not a yoga place, not a restaurant, where I can relax and let myself be fully Higher Dimensional. I always have to keep my 'guard' up. Because Darkness is ever present. In this case, it is unknowing, the ego, and the folks to just want to have fun, at the place where I did yoga today.

Class was excellent. My body feels magnificent! I am looking forward to going back.

You know, when you take 'substances' I can feel it in your aura. It doesn't feel clean and crisp. It feels 'fuzzy' and reminds me of many of my patients who are very sick with cancer. I should warn you that when you take 'substances', your aura weakens. And that makes room for Dark Entities (Major and Minor, they always come in pairs) and Negative Entities to attach to your energetic system. There are multitudes of them prowling around for an energy source, since they have none of their own. They are parasites. A healthy aura has no places for them to attach to. But shock, sorrow, sadness that does not go away, abandonment, well as toxic chemicals (whether they are from Nature or not) weaken the aura just enough for them to 'attach'. Once on, it takes a special skilled healer to detach them. Even if one makes a tumor, and the tumor is resected (cut off), the negative entity remains attached after the operation. Dark Entities seek to cause as much pain and suffering in the 'host' as possible. They enjoy it.

So, let the mothers and grandmothers and Lightworkers dance on 'shroom' free floors!

Be cool about being healthy.


Reiki Doc