Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Three for One? ; )

As I was making a left turn onto Sunset Boulevard from Vermont, I sensed that the angels wanted me to open a vortex at that location. Kaiser is on the left, Children's Hospital Los Angeles is on the right. Hollywood Presbyterian is there too.

I started to open it and boom, they took over right away. It was as if Spirit was saying, I was hoping that you would ask! I saw it go up, or rather come down? It was quick, wide and Bright Golden color. I was assured that the angels would take care of the rest, and it would encompass a twenty-five mile radius from the site.

I didn't think much of it, parked my car in the structure, and rushed to get to the bedside before mom was taken away to the operating room. And then I saw it...and I understood,

Across the street from Kaiser in Los Angeles is the headquarters of Scientology.



Reiki Doc