Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Angels, Dark Entities, and Mediumship

Today we are going to shift our focus and see past the obvious--the surgery, the anesthesia, the patient, and look for 'what else is going on' that is Healing in the O.R.

Here are three brief examples:

Angelic Interaction During Routine Case Intraoperative Reiki:  
It wouldn't flow. I started the 'power' symbol, CKR, and it felt 'stuck'. Where the wall and the ceiling meet, past the foot of the O.R. table, was an angel. This angel was asking me, 'Why do you want us to do Reiki on this patient?'. I thought about it...it's because I always do...because the patient is sick...because...because...and then I 'Got It'! It is because the patient is my brother or sister, or auntie or uncle, or mother or father...it is because we are One and this one is suffering and in need of Healing.  Boom! The Reiki went in.

Discovery of a Dark Entity and Visualization of a 'Removal':  Another patient was very sick, and undergoing a palliative procedure. As I got into the aura (after CKR), at the heart chakra I felt my breath being sucked away, and I could not go further. I asked for Divine assistance. I sensed to 'stay put'. In my mind's eye, I saw something like a giant straw descend energetically and go into the heart center of the patient. Like a Boba Black Pearl tapioca in a Thai ice tea, this dark energy ball slowly got sucked up the tube. Then the energy cleared, I was able to do Reiki. Until the root chakra, where the boba 'straw' repeated itself. I think the first was the major and the second was the minor Dark Entity being removed from the patient's aura. The Dark Entities always travel in pairs, a major and a minor, one to teach and one to learn. The energy felt so much 'free-er' after that. Again, this whole energy healing process took less than five minutes while the patient was totally stable during the surgical procedure.

Mediumship and the Sales Representative:  
We had been having a light conversation in the O.R., this rep was sharing about guns and how a former ICE officer taught him that a shotgun is the most effective deterrent for criminals. That 'click' of the shell being put into the chamber is 'universally known' and 'everyone will run'. Then he changed the subject:

rep: Has anyone ever seen 'American Horror Show'?
me: What is it?
rep: (explains how hauntings and deaths go together on T.V. program).
me: I don't know. I have to be careful what I watch. I get nightmares.
rep: (explains more)
me: I went to Peter Pan last weekend, with my nurse friends, and they were talking about that show too. I haven't watched it.
rep: Well it the people who write that must be real crazy and taking lots of psychedelic drugs or something?
me: What makes you say that?
rep: Because it is all about ghosts, and dead people, who are alive...and...
me: Have you ever seen a ghost?
rep: No. Why do you ask? (long pause) Have you?
me: Yes, I have seen a ghost.
rep: When? Where? What was it like?
me: I have seen lots of them. On Ghost Walks...
rep: Where?
me: In Victoria, Canada. I saw four on the tour.
rep: (shocked)
me: It...it runs in the family...Ghosts are not like that show at all! Many of them don't know they are dead!
rep: (I sense the entire room is listening to me) Have any of them hurt you?
me: No! Not in any way. Some of them don't like to go because they were very happy and choose to stay. There is a lady on the Queen Mary who is like that.
rep: I heard of those ghosts on the Queen Mary!
me: I have seen all three.
rep: What is it like? What is it like to see a ghost?
me: Well it's not like talking to you. They are very faint. It's...did you see the movie 'Paranorman'? It's is like that! In..in the beginning before it gets scary. It is just like that. I have been like this ever since I was a little girl. It has always been this way for me.

Then we went back to the usual things. But you know what? Everybody in that room accepted me for what I am. They relaxed. They smiled. And I think they appreciated to know that when it comes to ghosts, there is nothing to fear.

Dear Gay brothers and sisters--it is your shining example of courage in your 'coming out' as gay that I keep in my heart as I 'come out' as a medium in my place of work. It is not easy to know who you are and feel like you have to 'keep it quiet'. Psychics have been persecuted for centuries, much like the homosexuals have been shunned and beaten in this time. Yesterday I had a choice to make--to bring it up about the ghosts, or to keep quiet. Although it was scary to put my credibility on the line, I did. I did it because I know those of you who 'came out' paved the way for others. And that the world is a better place because you did. Thank you for inspiring me with your Courage. It helps me to find my own.


Reiki Doc