Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Spellbound Plumbing

I have found the answer to a complex spiritual conundrum that has taken me three days to understand.
(Hint: if you see a very innocuous title on a blog post, chances are it is going to be something BIG. I hide it. Only the most careful seekers can find the jewels of my earthwalk that I hide to keep them 'safe' from those who are not actively pursuing their own spiritual learning.)

Three days ago I saw a tree entwined into the symbol of the Tao, otherwise known at 'The Yin and the Yang' on a social networking site. It resonated. I 'shared' it.

For those of you who are not familiar with it, this symbol represents the active/masculine forces in the spiral of life-constant interplay-with the dark, nurturing Yin. Even in the Yang, it is not pure-for within it is a tiny spot of darkest Yin. Vise-versa for Yin, who has a spot of white Yang at its heart, its essence.  Everything about Life can be described as the balance between these two forces.

I saw the leafy green tree Tao, and 777. My skull was thick with not being able to process the spiritual significance. A reader kindly shared the symbolism of each. Then it had to percolate. And now I have it: substitute the concept of 'spiritual emptiness' and 'spiritual abundance' for the Yin and the Yang.

For now we are exiting duality. We are moving on to a higher paradigm.
And the biggest gestalt is this: we are broken, as individuals, but together we are a perfect whole.

The body is a teacher, and I will share with you a pattern I have found emerging in my entity-body, spirit, and mind-over the last few days. There are forces out there to rock me off my foundation. Unusual delays, weird patient issues that complicate my work in the O.R., serious family drama over health issues, lack of sleep...

My heart center signals to me--I am empty. Fill me up. Go where you can to find peace and serenity, if only for a little while, like 'reinforcements on the front lines and the supply chain'.

Two weeks ago, Friday, I was disoriented, my energy was so low. I had a short day at work. The kids were going to dad. I felt I needed to do something kind to myself. My heart had a calling for a local restaurant where a colleague of mine, his wife owns the place. 

I went in. By myself. 'Table for One'. I was so thankful for a place to go that was Light. In the bathroom, you can imagine my surprise as I want to give a blessing (I hold my hands out and spin to open a vortex), a calling of the angels to bless their Light on this business--and there were some already there! Not 'my' angels, but my blessing was a small 'layer' of frosting on a very nice spiritual cake!

Then I saw the flyer on the wall in there for Peace (aromatherapy oil). I bought it for the whole family. Chef made it 'certified awesome'. He was kind and gave extra for me.

I was so helped by it I never took it off. But then, after mom was finished with her surgery, I had to take a break. I had to let the emotions work themselves out of the necklace holder for the oil.

I went to a fundraiser that was sponsored by the restaurant. I didn't wear my necklaces (I have two).

When I went home, my consciousness rose. I understood that these oils, like a wine, were a living spiritual creation because chef had blown his Spirit into them. They were not 'aromatherapy oils' by themselves.

I further realized that they were 'medicine' for me. My aura has been imbalanced for a long time. Through the stress of the surgery for mother, I never realized how much more 'balanced' I felt. My sister said the oil was 'the only thing that got her through' the surgery stress.

I chose to 'accept' this breath of chef living medicine into my energy field. Into my chakras or wherever it was to do its work. I welcomed it. I had felt its presence one day earlier, much like I had felt the presence of my son before I even had a clue I was pregnant. It was in my aura. When I prayed and gave the angel symbols, this energy field multiplied it and gave me the same symbols back!

Let me be clear--this is not a piece of soul or heart or anything. Only energy of love put into a healing tool that I needed very much. I had to admit how much I needed this healing. And to accept it.

And there you have it. Like a tire with a little patch, my energy system is 'good to go' again.

One of the bottles has two 3's on it. Last night it had a mind of its own--at 2333 exactly while I was taking care of the patient, I smelled pine. It had disconnected itself and landed on the floor. I scooped it up. Pay attention! Pay attention! I 'picked up' from Spirit. Behold the Goddess! --I saw! Crone on the operating table, Yin (healing) in action, my life in one swift passage like Spirit was connecting the dots A  to B to C...exactly what role I played in my acceptance of life, death, healing, age, and the lessons that Yin does bring. And how much Yang it took out of my essentially Yin nature to get to the place in society where I can practice anesthesia as my healing art. I work with people between both worlds, This one and The Other Side...this all came up in like, the second I was bending down to reattach the little bottle to the holder on my neck under the scrubs. Consciousness can rise very quickly!

I get the strangest feeling that as we weather the next 'changes' on the Ascension Pathway, we are going to change from 'me' to 'us' and as 'us' we are going to be one perfectly functioning unit.

We will share our deficits openly with each other, and find healing in the sharing of our gifts.

And the cycle between the "New Yin" and "New Yang" will be the balance between these two states, 'Empty' and 'Full'.

Today my family was as exhausted from the first call as I was. For months we had wanted to go to the ocean, to our favorite restaurant where you can eat outside. I made the drive. And there, the ocean 'filled' my 'empty' again. Enough to fuel me through the next day of Spiritually-based activities.

Empty. Full. That is the Spellbound Plumbing we shall build from one heart to the next, to help each of us along through Ascension, together.


Reiki Doc