Thursday, October 31, 2013

Loki: The Perfect Storm

I saw this on the way home the other night.

I thought, 'Oh shit!'

In Native American and First Nation tradition, Loki--coyote-is the prankster God. A Lesson is coming. It will feel like a joke is being played on you. It is important. Unmistakeable. But sometimes not fun.

'What lesson does Loki have for me?' I thought, and then, being a caregiver, switched thoughts in an instant to, 'That coyote looks hungry! What a shame that we feed our dogs and these wild canines have to struggle and fend for themselves!'

Within twelve hours after seeing coyote, I was unconsolable. I howled. I shook. I shed every misconception, every misperception, every hope, every dream, every ounce of the third dimension I had in my soul.

It was the remedies. For the last three months I have been on a deep spiritual 'cleansing'. I take these three times a day: And they are working. I have made more spiritual growth in this short time, so much so, that it is almost like the 'liposuction to get those hard to lose areas of fat' out of my soul!

The 'Perfect Storm' consists of:

  • Solar flares
  • Increased energy upgrades (and I am a 'crank it up all the way baby' kind of Light worker)
  • Fatigue and overwork--in the month of October I 'made up' for call not taken during vacation
  • Setbacks for the Resistance Movement (security breaches, etc.) and corresponding 'energy changes' 
  • For example, I cried like this in 1996, and just wanted to 'leave Gaia'--it wasn't just internship. It was the Congo Portal opening. I wouldn't have had those awful nightmares that were otherworldly--so much so that I didn't want to sleep they were so horrible--I was having home invasions and dying and feeling myself die every night in my dreamtime.
  • Conscious raising enough to 'see Truth' for what it is--Gaia as a prison planet because of the Veil and the 'supervisors'. Galactics can't get 'in' and we--our souls--can't 'get out'. It's like an Eagles' song, Hotel California.
  • Spiritual fatigue from being 'there' for so many, and blogging as number one life purpose for over two years straight, even on vacation.
  • Twin Flame misunderstanding. It happens on many vibrations, the reuniting of the two souls. It gets 'bumpy' and it was really difficult for Spirit to get it through my head what is expected of me! I am not going to get a house and a white picket fence and two kids--that is 3D expectation. What I am going to get is an exact match, quality for quality listed (there are over 20) in a person now based on my request to Spirit on April 10, 2011. I manifested something Right! Or 'someone' <3
  • Our 'us' and 'official reunion' is kind of like The Event--it's determined, but the timing is quite 'sketchy'. It might take a long time, it might be next week; no matter what it is totally out of my control.
  • The one exception is 'Gratitude for what I have + Enthusiasm for what is to come--anADVENTURE!' This will smooth out the Transition to 'we' or 'us' for both parties involved. (This will help FREE our SPIRIT ; )   --this is an inside joke here--BTW thank you for casting out what you did. Your magic is the strongest! And what I wear around my neck really helps a LOT with my energy work.)
  • Possible exposure to some HAARP-like scalar wave technology to affect the mood of Light workers during the 'setbacks' for the Resistance Movement.

Loki is a difficult teacher. Now he is gone. Only forty-eight hours later, and the lesson is learned. I also have accidentally, through my emotions being what they were, stumbled across what I think is going to be the next big 'push' in my work in advancing healing in the field of Conventional Medicine--the Spherical Orb Laser System.

I also have complete and total peace and acceptance of my future with my Twin. He is my 'zing'--and whether he 'takes it or leaves it', we only get one 'zing' in our lives. I'm not going to 'settle' if he 'leaves it'. I am not going to 'stalk'. I am going to humbly 'accept' and take it from there. 

The Universe wants us to be happy. And however it ends up is the Highest Good. I know for myself, I 'pulled back' because I didn't like the person I was becoming as we were getting to know each other--it was just enough in the direction of Bridezilla that I was like, RUN before you get yourself any worse!

There are many Spiritual factors right now that are beyond anyone's Control. There are rapid changes happening on so many levels. Although there might be setbacks, the outcome is decided and it is for Awakening of the masses, for Raising the Consciousness, and for Victory To The Light!

You know what? It could  have been worse: it could have been TWO coyotes!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. I have no secrets whatsoever. None of any kind. They are online, and I am okay with that. The last ones, the two big ones, were hard to release. But I had to. I have this big thing on my thyroid gland--on the left, and a smaller one on the right. I want to heal with nature. I want to be whole. And talking and experiencing emotions that had been stuffed down to my ankles is a big part of this. <3

here is a direct link to the song, Hotel California by the Eagles:

What I Do Better Than Anybody In Anesthesia

'The patient is CRAZY!' the PACU RN confided to me about our next patient. She had just come back from the ER to talk to them. It was an emergency case and had to go.

Apparently the patient was freaking out over the i.v. and very tearful and trying to stop the life-saving surgery. Family member was present.

I smiled inwardly, because in anesthesia one does not have to deal with an awake patient for much length of time! I relaxed and went back to the O.R. to set up for the case.

It isn't my favorite thing in the world to do, but what I do best out of anyone I know is how to handle the difficult patient.

It's the combination of my heart, my experience, my expertise, and Reiki. Even before I learned Reiki, all of the fibromyalgia patients at my old hospital knew me and made special request for my presence with them when they had to have surgery. Not that fibromyalgia patients are crazy--far from it! These souls are shell-shocked and battle-weary from a medical system that doesn't 'figure them out', offer much in the way of 'cure', and sort of marginalizes them in the process…they get 'difficult' after going through all that.

For my greatest effectiveness in this potentially challenging situation, I started Reiki on myself and the team before I even set foot in the Emergency room.

It was with some hesitation I went to see the patient; I didn't know what to expect. All I knew is there was a condition inside that would be lethal in about six hours, and I had to do everything possible to 'talk them down' and into the surgery. (The patient and family gave consent, but from the consent to the operating room, with a frightened one, takes very delicate 'negotiation' to keep them from 'freaking out'. There is a lot of room for anxious imagination before anesthesia is induced, you see.)

The patient was sitting bolt upright in bed, almost in fetal position, and rocking to console themselves. I knew there was a lot of ativan on board because I had looked at the chart; but with chronic anxiety and xanax use, our i.v. anxiolytics don't 'go too far'.

The loved one was on the phone with a cousin. She handed the phone to me. Apparently the time before last was a 'bad experience' in the anxiety department, but the time after that (the last time) was 'okay'. I was requested to follow the protocol, including family member presence on emergence in PACU.

This is a tough call. I can request it, but I can't guarantee it because it is the recovery room nurse's 'turf' and her call alone. I explained this delicately, and the family understood.

I went back to the O.R. and got my drug box. I opened the lock and placed it on the mayo stand next to the gurney in E.R. I explained to the patient I was going to give medicine through the i.v. and asked permission to touch the i.v. port.

The key to the anxious patient is to explain, to demonstrate, to move slow and to ask permission every step of the way.  If your ego is back in the parking lot, this is no problem whatsoever. If your ego is on your white coat, both you and the patient are going to have a Long Day…

Slowly I titrated (gave small amounts looking for the effect) midazolam….gently talking the whole time. 'I want you to feel better. I don't want you to cry--it's going to make ME cry!' Two of versed (normal dose), slight improvement in the shaking all over with fear. Patient was asking to 'just go outside for a smoke'… No way, sorry! Four of versed. Visible improvement, but still tearful and rocking. Six of versed. A decent 'baseline' but would be lost with any move of the patient toward the O.R. when the next surge of anxiety would hit. Eight of versed. The window of opportunity was open and would last about five to ten minutes…before the drug was absorbed by the system and anxiety returned.

Family member escorted to exit of ER. An ER nurse Sandy, came to give our patient a hug right before the O.R. double doors. If you know how packed that ER was, and you knew how many patients Sandy was carrying (and mine was not one of them), you would be as impressed as I am at her compassion for our patient.

In the O.R., I only put on two monitors. I did not put the oxygen mask on the patient. I induced anesthesia gently and with lots of 'fair warning' while the patient was sitting up. As unconsciousness fell, we eased the patient on their back, and I started with mask ventilation to improve the oxygen surplus since there was no effective pre-oxygenation by the patient. It wasn't easy to get the breathing tube in, but it went, and the case was on.

A quick phone call to recovery room got the charge nurse to go to the ER to get the ativan I needed to give again in the i.v. before emergence, or 'waking up' from anesthesia.

The case had been life-saving, but uneventful, and the family had been informed by texts by me the whole time of when to expect 'waking up'.

Here are the transcripts of our texts:

Me: Hi (name), we are closing. Ativan is on board and PACU agrees with family presence in recovery. I'll let you know when we are out of the Operating Room. Dr. (me)

Family: Thank you Dr., that's wonderful news! (family member) is on the way and will be there shortly.

Me: In recovery, extubated 'deep' therefore still 'under' anesthesia. (this was family request)

Family: Thank you. I spoke to Dr. (surgeon). Sounds like everything went amazingly well. 1.5 hour surgery, laparoscopic not open, and no colostomy bag. Any guess on when they will wake up? (I promise not to hold you to it!)

Me: Whenever her ativan wears off, it's up to them…

Family: Thank you for the deep approach, you really do know how to take care of your high anxiety patients.

Me: That's because I have it too. Namaste.

Family: Thank you for sharing that with me. I know it will help our loved one greatly when I tell them. They still feel so ashamed, especially when encountering persons who do not understand this is a medical condition. Namaste. / /

Me: No need to be ashamed…anxiety hurts. Just let them know it's possible to feel better. I am way better than I was many years ago. Xo---I think it helps me take better care of my patients, and in a way, is for me, a blessing.

Family: You are so kind. I know your words will be very meaningful to them. I am absolutely sure that helps you take care of your patients better. Which as you say is a blessing for you but also a blessing in their lives. Our loved one has been struggling with this for several years and it is not any better. In fact it's worse due to additional problems that sap their resources such as divorce, disability (broken bones requiring two surgeries), periods of unemployment, financial problems, etc. Our loved one is unable to take almost all medications due to extreme side effect reactions. Interestingly their mother was the same way with meds although the mom doesn't suffer from anxiety disorder. It's so hard to find doctors who understand that our loved one needs to find a non-chemical solution. Sometimes they are impatient with them for not trying yet another medication, which sets up another cycle of self-doubt and shame. Did you benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy or any other forms?

Me: Yes. Talk therapy helped somewhat. I didn't take meds because I had a friend on Buspar and it didn't help. What helped the most was surrendering to the process and allowing myself to heal. It is slow. I think you might want to read All Is Well by Louise Hay and Mona Lisa Shulz, M.D. It has disease plus affirmations, like regular medicine plus holistic. Dr. Shulz is a psychiatrist who is also a medical intuitive. I think affirmations might be good for your loved one. Dr. Peter Levine has good work online for healing from PTSD. I took a class from him. Namaste.

Family: Dr. it is surely God's hand in our lives that has brought you to us today. Thank you so much for all this good information. Our loved one is also diagnosed with PTSD. Namaste.

This is NOT part of my job as an anesthesiologist!

Texting family members--offering advice--this is not anything I will ever be compensated for!

Yet it is the Right Thing To Do.

It is putting MY HEART on the line, out there, and connecting it to others to permit the Healing Process to HAPPEN. 

There is no healing for Anxiety without kindness and unconditional Love. Medications only buy time and decrease symptoms.

You know, I asked the family member right before we left for the O.R., 'what happened to your Loved one?' They were like, 'It's been this way forever!'. I rephrased it, 'Something awful must have happened to them for them to get like this.' The family member, a niece, had no idea what it was.

I did. I've lived it. In this life and in the one immediately before this life. I don't have to explain it to anybody. I only have to know enough to recognize and to treat anxiety effectively, with all the skills I have at my disposal. Reiki is an incredible layer of relaxation and healing on an energetic level, which is non-chemical and has no side-effects. It makes anesthesia so much more effective in situations like this.

It is what I do best.

And I've earned the right to say so!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Light Box Today

I was in tears off and on throughout the day. Finally I decided to take a nap. What else could I do?

As I was drifting off to sleep, the Agarthans came and took me to my Lightbox. This is the specially designed healing chamber I have entered once before. My entire vibration was weak, and I was thankful to go in. It's like a cross between a mummy sleeping bag and sort of a lumpy, crystal (but not shiny crystal) coffin. There is a lid. The coffin look had freaked me out the first time. This time, I knew I would be better off IN and would be doing something to heal. I slid inside, and from the inside, it looks like a tanning bed or one of those lights you sit in front of so you don't get SADD in Winter. It's not warm. Just bright.

As they were closing the lid, they threw in a teddy bear!

The last time it was just me.

I started to cry even more…only Spirit would know that I didn't have a teddy bear while I was growing up. Just a doll, one, and it was hard plastic. My sister got the teddy bear when her godmother opened a bank account and gave it to her. There was never anything soft and cuddly for me, my whole life, until I became a mother. It was so nice to get some 'transitional object' that was just for me.

As I held it to my chest and settled in for my healing session, it POPPED into somebody I knew. And who I liked a lot. I laughed! 'What are you doing in here?' I asked. 'Isn't it going to mess things up?'

'They can be made for two. I won't take up much room. I had them program it.'

I marveled at the change from bear to person just like that! We were told rules--embracing is okay, kissing or anything more will 'mess the settings up'. All sorts of energy vibrations started to pulse through my body, just like when I get downloads from Source. Right before I fell asleep, I thought, 'Make it strong and make sure I get enough.'

That is the last I recall. I woke up to a phone call some time later. But the achy crying from my soul is gone.

This only happens when I have a day off from work. It doesn't happen at night. Only when I am in the house alone, in the afternoon. Don't be surprised if next time you take a nap, Spirit might offer you a Lightbox too.

The only other physical thing I am noticing with all these solar flares is a major backsliding from my RAW vegan. Chips. Sweets. Milk (I always have it here for my son, the milk, but not the chips and sweets.) I don't want anything green. Sometimes when we get Reiki attunements or similar energy 'upgrades' the physical body seeks to 'ground' itself. It wants root vegetables, starch, sugar, as ways to 'hold on' to the Higher Frequencies in the Vibration.

I took a walk and also got some sunshine too.

Ascension isn't a one time deal. It goes in 'jumps' or 'stages'. So don't expect to wake up one day and have it all be 'over'. Perhaps for those with The Event, the new ones, yes. But for us, the pioneers and the way showers? We get to do it all a little 'ahead of the pack'.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Healing With The Dragon's Gate

I cried all morning.

I literally just bawled.

For I SEE that Earth is a Quarantine planet, a prison virtually, and no soul can escape or be reunited with their soul family, not even through death, because of the Veil and the control of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

I saw the Truth.

Not even the reunion with my beloved Twin Flame, if it were to happen, can fix it. We could be happy, but then, one of us would still die and have to go back into the wretched Samsara system.

This is why I am so deeply upset--because I remember Heaven and where I came from before I got here. The amnesia is strong but not strong enough to cover this. Here is a similar blog post that explains the feeling more:

Here is a quote from it:
The lessons that you chose to have presented to you during your human lives will continue to be presented to you until you recognize them for what they are and make an effort to understand them and then learn from them.  Each one leads perfectly to the next, and consequently you cannot skip or bypass any because they each give you insights that will help you to understand the next one.  Your life paths and the lessons that you chose to have appear on them in front of you were very wisely and lovingly created so that you could obtain the highest benefit with the minimum of suffering.  It is not imposed suffering that you experience when you do not learn your lessons, it is just the inevitable result of error.  For instance if you drive your vehicle too fast around a sharp bend on a wet or icy road you are likely to have an accident because you have made an error of judgment.  There is no punishment involved or intended, although you may choose to interpret what occurs in that way.
When the separation occurred you moved into a state of amnesia, and memories, which depend on the linear flow of time, locked you neatly into the time continuum so that the Now moment, in which all of creation exists eternally, was closed off or hidden from you, and your knowing of your Oneness with God was temporarily mislaid.  Without that knowing of God’s infinite, eternal, and unconditional Love for you, and of which you are each essential and inseparable aspects, severe suffering assailed you.
You were created in Love from Love by your heavenly Father, and to lose that Love, as it seems that you did, has caused unimaginable pain and suffering.  That is why He wants and intends that you awaken from your horrific nightmare.  He wants only your eternal happiness, He neither judges nor punishes because that is not the way of Love.
You have attempted to hide from the terror that you instigated, to disguise it, and to deny it, but as long as you appear to be separated from His Love it will be there undermining your self-worth by convincing you that because you are unloved, as it seems to you that you are, you are therefore unworthy of Love.  To live with that belief is too painful to endure, and so it is refuted, denied, and hidden deep in your unconscious for as long as you have the egoic strength to contain it.
When the separation happened your Father instantly provided for its dissolution by ensuring that your connection to Him was unbreakable and eternal – of course it was always unbreakable, you just were not aware of that – and always available to you if you chose to go within to your inner unseparated space and call on Him or your spiritual guides, angels, saints, or mentors for assistance.

Well, that is why I cried. That is why I wrote this:

And mercy was shown. This is a lifeline--it is almost a Light Box, and is the closest thing on earth to it: It was just posted like, twenty minutes ago.

I bought that sucker. The nice one. I don't care how much it costs. I don't care about anything except getting OUT of this place my spirit does not want to be.

I am pretty certain we missed the 'window of opportunity' for The Event in October. I had been counting on it. Now, back to the drawing board, with my new Mandala Sphere Laser System. At least it will give me something to do, perhaps, a way to lead medicine forward, and perhaps to tip the scales one patient at a time closer to The Event and Liberation Of The Planet. I already am working towards this with my patients in the O.R. Yesterday I gave the Platinum Ray to the timeline of the whole Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Organization-- 3D on steroids if you ask me, and I think it needs a huge shot of L-O-V-I-N-G 5D energy!

I'll keep you informed on how the Laser System works.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Anatomy Of A 'Lesson'

What is wrong with this picture?

I see it every day. One the surface, with 3D eyes, it look like a patient is reading and entertaining himself.

But with 5D? It is a person whose energy imbalance or 'Dis-Ease' has gotten so out of control that their 'vehicle' or body is TELLING THEM all System Alert! Fix Imbalance NOW and needing to be in the hospital to fix it!!! And they are blithely continuing the SAME behaviors that made them get the Dis-Ease 'Imbalance' in the first place, right in their Hospital Bed!!!!!

What is a health-care worker to do?

They can't listen. They are too wrapped up in themselves to 'take a hint' in the physical OR the spiritual.

And there are some who even an experienced physician or nurse wants to be no part of if they can help it. Yesterday I was 'on deck' for a case I didn't want to do--let me just say it was the consequence of advanced advanced advanced end-stage liver disease, and the patient was still drinking. It was going to be stinky, bloody, and a mess. Many good-hearted donors had given their blood to 'save a life'. I'm sure this was not the life they had envisioned when the needle got put in their arm.  This isn't to judge whether liver-disease and other self-induced chronic incurable diseases are the patient's 'fault' or not. What it is meant to say is that sometimes these imbalances are not pretty in any way, and leave a lot of mess not just for the employers, friends, and family to contend with, but also those of us who work in the hospital too.

In the meantime, I have been having the sense of being in chains, and 'held back' in my own Spiritual Development. The work I do takes pretty much every waking moment I can no longer bring in a book or a calendar or make plans for anything or talk on the phone when in the O.R. (I used to do this, all anesthesia does, because you have to make a dental appointment when the dentist is open--and our work is the most actually between cases, preparing and setting up.) The surgeons are too quick, and they like a fast turnover.  So once I set foot in the hospital, my life 'stops' and is 'on hold' in just about every way, as I take care of my patients.

But my heart was saying, 'I really am uncomfortable with my Lesson and where it is right now. I want to go and have a talk with God.'

So I went outside.

It is AMAZING the clarity of mind one gets when one goes out the building.  (I had a one hour delay before the surgeon was available--I wouldn't just 'walk' unless there was a 'gap'. We wait around a lot for surgeons.)

C: God? I am 'stuck' in my Lesson. I just can't get it. I don't feel good about where I am and I want to move past it but I keep making the same mistakes!

G: What is your most painful moment?

C: When?

G: What is the most painful thing you ever had to do?

C: Report Dad.

G: Why was that painful? What was the most painful part about that?

C: I had to choose. Between him and my son.

G: And?

C: Dad was so selfish and messed up he would even try what he did with my kid!

G: And what else? What else was painful about it?

C: I really loved Dad. I worshipped him! (I suddenly remembered how when I was twenty-one, mom took me aside and gently told me not to look up to him so much--he 'poked' his sister when they shared a bed, and caused great trouble to the family. There was a pattern. I also remembered his confession after he had passed, through medium Tim Braun, that 'he was very smart and had everyone fooled but because I inherited his mind I was the only one that figured it out. He meant no harm; he was bored. He had mental instability, and was surprised he 'stuck around alive' as long as he did. He was deeply depressed and actually jealous of my opportunities when I became ready for college. He felt his life was 'over' and mine was 'just beginning'.--we made Peace.)

G: What was good about the experience?

C: I could protect my son, and report anonymously, and keep the peace in the family. (The paternal side of the family took the 'rap'--our little one had made confessions not just to me, but sordid ones at the dinner table in front of his dad and grandparents and uncle, too. Social services encouraged me to 'continue contact but never let them be alone together'--because the relationship is important to the child's growth, and the predator was on hospice now, anyway.)

G: Did it work?

C: Yes.

G: What is beyond that causing the hurt?

C: My daddy always kept people emotionally at arm's length. He was nice, and taught me to bat and to throw, and never touched me--but I feel rejected by him on some level. My most important male role figure, my father, was emotionally unavailable to me growing up.

G: And what is the pattern which causes you pain?

C: Deep down I believe men are always going to hurt me and reject me.

G: Is this true?

C: No. Nannu Filippo was always there for me. He didn't talk about feelings, but I knew he understood them and respected mine. He provided unselfishly for his family, he shared what he loves to do (gardening, coin collecting), never tried to 'convince' me of anything. He accepted me for who I am, and as I got older, and more beautiful, his love for me grew with pride in all of my accomplishments and just plain growing up. He let me know it with hugs, his smile, and calling me 'My queen, my queen, my queen.'

G: And?

C: That is why I grieved his loss for so long. Why I bought him flowers every week for his grave for ten years (until I became a mom and he said, in spirit, 'save your money'.) That is why everybody came to his funeral. He was a good man.

G: So other good men exist, and are kind and loving and honest?

C: Yes.

This is the kind of focused 'learning' that comes with a Guide, in my case, I called the Guide, 'God'--and it felt like Him. His questioning was gentle, he reworded things to make a point, and he always expected me to 'figure it out'.

This is how Life Lessons 'work' in the Fifth Dimension--in our new Vibration; we can ask for help.

How do I feel now? Well, I see lifetimes of trauma to my Divine Feminine. I also see how I have made the same mistake over and over and over in my choice of partners. Although I see 'the error of my ways' I also feel like I want to 'clean up the wounds' .

Gaia is a Prison Planet.

We are like Australia once was, a prison colony. We are 'fenced in' by the Veil by our 'Supervisors' (Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart). They talked a good story, got the contract, and then went Rogue on the planet. This is why everywhere you turn there is something from 'them' to 'keep us in line' and 'keep our numbers down'. If you don't believe me, look for things that are marketed as 'fun' and 'good for you and healthy'. I see right through the lies. Most people can't. But more and more people are 'waking up' to this horrible truth. (This is why the Resistance Movement is working on the Liberation of The Planet. That same 'team' of Supervisors used to cover many other places, and have been kicked out from everywhere else to this last hold, this corner of the galaxy, and us.)

The reason I bring all of this up is that we are going to each need individualized healing on a very deep soul level to become fully functional in 5D. We have scars, ticks, fleas, and who knows on a soul level what else? The healing is titrated to each individual using Light, and Vibration/Sound. It is very pleasant, and even though the one I went in looked 'funny', it didn't hurt. It didn't 'change' me, and I felt much better when I emerged. (It happened in meditation during a nap I was taking on the couch.--here's the blog post:

So here I am embarrassed and sad because I know deep in my bones, the thing I want to do in life more than anything--explore a healthy relationship--Isn't going to happen until I go back to that Light Box some more for a good healing! I'd just end up doing the same things, right?

The angels say, 'No' and wave their hands at me right now. Their job is to encourage hope.

So, the point of this whole long essay is that once you 'see' with 5D eyes, you're going to take a look at yourself and go, 'Oh No! What HAPPENED?!' because you will understand the 'wear and tear' the 3D 'experience' has on a soul. And you'll want it fixed. Right away. But you can't. And it makes you sad. But the angels say, 'Have Hope'. (Even this morning my guide asked, can you make it one more day? Just one more day? And I said, 'no. the pain is too great. I can't do it. I've had enough of this 'reality' and I don't accept it any more.)

I think I'll go and make breakfast. I've had enough of this lesson for now. Harry Bird is twenty-four years old today! His favorite is French Toast. I think we'll have us a little celebration before we head off to school. I have the day off. You might hear more from me later. I hope you don't mind my sharing with you; I hope it will be easier when it is your 'turn' for 'lessons' so you will 'know what to expect'. 

Go in Nature.
Ask for Help.
Forgive Yourself and Others.
Prepare to be kind of surprised perhaps in a not-so-nice way, but Spirit is okay with it--it's part of the learning.
Give yourself Time to 'assimilate' what you have learned.
Be totally honest with yourself and Spirit, and trust that 'help is on the way' with the Resistance Movement, the Divine, and Source.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Growing Up Nudist?

Mom is going to be so mad at me! LOL

I grew up going to this place on the weekends--from age four to age ten:

We called it 'the cabin' because we had a tiny studio cabin that belonged to us there. It had a tiny stove, a sleeper sofa, and to be honest, I don't remember where we slept. There was mom, dad, my sister and me, but all I remember was that one couch that made into a bed! There was a table and a two burner stove that sat on the counter. And the bathroom and showers were a short walk away on a trail.

If this story makes you upset, this is because you are having a third-dimensional reaction to the situation. It sounds like one big sexual ordeal, and judgement is quick to form in your mind about my parents.

Through the eyes of a child, I had not the time yet to develop those lines of thinking. I was told, it is good for our skin and our health to go sometimes without clothes.  What else is a child to think? For this is the philosophy that came out of Germany with a health movement. Nudists actually are screened for psychological 'red flags' before ever being given membership. Here is a little more on the history of the 'health movement'--it is very interesting--for in addition to health it is somewhat of a refusal of societal 'rules' to experience the freedom of not having to wear clothes.  Please note this link has full-frontal pictures.

This is what I remember from growing up nudist: the beautiful African Daisy flowers that grew wild on the hillsides. Our family took a lot of nature hikes, and I could see the faeries in the flowers and speak with them in my mind.

I also remember swimming in the pool which was wonderful.

All of the grownups were very nice and respectful to me, and never once touched me in any way. I thought they were ugly myself. The two in these photos are actually a lot healthier-looking than most of the ones that were there.

I thought the cafeteria was wonderful because our family had a tab running, and I was allowed to go by myself to get a little cup of ice cream, you know, the kind where you had to pull the paper lid off it, every day.

In winter and at night, everybody wore clothes. It got cold there.

My only fear was of sitting on a red ant and being bit in the bottom again. It happened once, when I sat on a chair without looking. So I was always mindful of the ants ever since.

Am I a nudist today? No. Not practicing. But I love being in the water in my bathing suit as much as I can--I still love the freedom of the sun on my skin, and being near the water.

I also have the mental image of what the human body looks like--the real one, not the hyper-sexualized photo-shopped one the media uses to sell merchandise.

It gave me the skill to look into the heart of a person, not at their 'body', while I communicate with them. It's clear what is what; the body is not 'them' and it's going to change with time. This helps me to look past the ravages of disease while I deal with a patient and truly 'connect' heart-to-heart as a physician.

I think I am fortunate to have passed my crucial growing-up years close to Nature and the Sky, with my own skin in the sunshine, experiencing the human form as it was made by Creator.

Then again, all children are born with their memories intact from where they lived before coming to Earth. I believe this was Heaven, a place of the Higher Dimensions.

People often ask me, 'how did you get to be so highly intuitive?'. I don't know. I inherited it--from my maternal grandfather and mom. My niece and my boy have it too. I think growing up sky clad really helped to keep the connection to Source really open; it 'buried' through my teens until I was twenty-six, and has been 'rediscovered' ever since.

If my sharing this with you makes you think of me as a striped rider of a spotted horse, I understand completely.

I just wanted to share my 5D 'goggles' and let you try them on.

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc


Light = Information = Energy = Consciousness. 

Direct Inner Knowing = Consciousness

P.P.S. Here is a song for you--there has been a lot of information given in this post. Just relax and enjoy…

Here is the direct link:

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Real Headlines--Tabloids Today and The Event

This is your friendly news report from someone who is just about as un-Ben Fulford as it gets.

Today at the drug store I noticed the headlines of the tabloids:

  • Kennedy Assassination Data from Hospital contradicts Warren Report (complete with photos)
  • Dubyah has 'Alzheimers' and Laura's 'brave support'
  • 'Dying Queen' is given 'joy' at Kate's 'new spare heir' in the oven
  • Kennedy Assassination news 'leaks' in a different one
I thumbed through the Kennedy article. I agree with the findings--single gunshot wound entry to neck, exit out head--right parietal defect about 'size of grapefruit'. You also see a slash for a slash tracheostomy--emergency airway but that doesn't make sense because he looks definitely intubate-able. Apparently he was DOA but since he was the President they coded him, but not for as long as reports say.

So this one is frankly, surprised at the 'match' with some of the news in Ben's latest--some people have not been seen for three weeks, and other 'Not With Our Best Interest At Heart' Leaders are being rejected by other nation's.

Politics is changing.

So there you have it.

Just like in the movie, MIB--look to the tabloids first for the real thing.

I think it's happening. Ever since Roach DNA, to be honest. Just on the 'down low' so that it would attract less attention. 'cleaning house' in preparation for The Event. (Just in case you missed it:

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Positive Military ROCKS! Thank you for your service to the Light!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

For All Twin Souls: This Means Y-O-U

This is for all the Twin Souls who are poised to reunite.

Imagine the energy of the joy when against all odds and against all interference from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, with their Negative Spiritual Technology....the Twin Souls actually FIND each other!

The balance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine will be complete, for each of you has a Twin Soul. This is more than a Soul Mate--this is the total completion of a lifetime of lifetimes apart.

I head these two songs tonight like it was the first time. In this order.

I think mine is coming...

It began yesterday while I was watering the garden. A plumeria blossom had fallen, and I picked it up to put it behind my right ear. That means 'single'. Just then, Pele showed up! She said, 'no no no' and waved her finger at me. 'It goes on the Left'. That means 'taken'.  I put it behind my left ear, and wondered what was wrong with Pele? I am like, destined to be alone forever, right?

I'm not so

Today I was praying for him and for me, which I have done every single day since January 12, 2013...and for the first time, just for today, I prayed instead for us. It felt warm and wonderful and 'right'...I was surprised by such a new concept!

And at that same instant, I looked up, and next to me on the road was a truck painted with BIG font letters, unmistakeable to anyone, TRY-US!

I kid you not. I was like, 'I can do that! Try 'us'!'

And then two hours later, while I waited for all the breakfast sandwiches I bought for the OR team (banh mi baguette with egg and no meat)?

Out of the blue the lady cashier handed me a Wedding Magazine to read!

All Anjelah Johnson joking aside--you have boyfriend? You so pretty, like model...cheerleader...

I felt like someone was trying to TELL me something! 

Do I expect a wedding? No, not at all! I wouldn't hallucinate about that--who knows if marriages are going to even happen in the future? (I prefer handfasting instead if they do.) Besides, Usui-sensei told me recently--'No romance until The Event is through--and he gave one exception. He must give his permission first, not to me. To 'Him'. I'm 'on hold', right? In fact, I really like it so I don't have to worry if someone 'is right for me'. I just have Let Go and Surrendered To All Of My Life Lessons. <3

The point is the energy that has been 'stuck' for ALL of my life, the area of 'Relationships' my main Life Lesson, is starting to 'move around'. 

I think the biggest disease in our society, which is worse than cancer and poverty and everything else combined, is the inability to feel Love.

I suffered from this for ages. I felt like I was a fish out of water and gasping for breath! But the higher vibrations, and perhaps, some 'release' of the Negative Influences/Vibration in general, are having me not starving any more. I do not feel like I 'have to find somebody'--I am one-hundred percent content by myself. This is a new thing, and I like it very much.

I hope you are feeling the LOVE. Help is on the way. Hang in there. The Prosperity and Abundance is coming too, just in case That was YOUR Spiritual Lesson. 

All of our needs are going to be met. Soon.

direct link is:

direct link is:

Love Is The Solution For Everything.

I am not joking.

Bring on the Twin Soul Reuniting for All of us! Lightworkers, and everybody alive. (((<3 )))

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Today's Reiki Healing

I was sending today's Reiki healing, and Usui-Sensei 'popped in'. He asked a question about sexuality. The question was based on the comment of a reader who said, 'Her ex wanted sex twice  a day--enough of that already!' now they share a home but live separate lives.

He said that everyone thinks that their own 'need--or how often' is 'normal' and that everybody else's is 'wrong'. 

He further said that we are coming to a time where every 'answer' is going to be 'respected', for there are no 'rights and no wrongs' in 5D--only 'learning and what is needed to grow'.

He played the song from Michael Jackson, 'The Way You Make Me Feel' (attached, at bottom).

So I opened the distance and the CKR, and the Reiki wouldn't flow.

This was surprising to me because it has flown fantastically to those I send healings to. Two days ago, I ramped it up, the energy. And yesterday was 'off the charts!' and the grids connecting us together are totally clear.

Open the Goddess Energy.

Was he sure? I'd never done that. I checked. Yes. (I have Goddess Energy flowing through me 24/7, due to an initiation done in November by Lady Isis, yet I can 'open' and 'tap in' further if I wish.)

So I opened it.

I felt it flow.

Then Goddess said I was being given a Ray of Goddess Energy to use for this purpose, and here after. It is beautiful, clear Lavender, called 'Orchid', lighter than the Gold-tinged Lavender of 5D. It looks much like the lighter flowers here:

I was instructed to blow it, like I do the Violet Flame.

Then I was guided to say Om. This is no ordinary Om. This is Karuna Reiki Om.

The Goddess Energies were being absorbed rapidly, and with much gratitude by the grid...

I was instructed to wait for the Divine Masculine Energies to flow back to me...I was curious what they would be like...

It was liquid Golden and came from the Grid back to my person.

Then I heard the voices of many males in the grid and all over the planet--
'I wasn't RIGHT without You! I wasn't feeling Right. Something terribly important was missing!' the Divine Masculine was saying from the hearts of many to me, an earthly representative of The Divine Feminine. They were talking to the Divine Feminine, not me.

I saw arms reaching out, male to female, female to male, like this:

Then,  very fast, like lines going out in all directions, the timelines collapsed, like as if an equal sign turned instantly into a dash (   = ----> --  ) in all Dimensions, going backward and forward in time. I saw stars and the galaxies all connecting to this point, like spokes of a wheel, heading back to our Planet and all of us.

And then there was a loud sound, a crack or a bang, and a big flash of Light. It was not like anything I had ever seen, kind of 'not of this earth', sort of like the color in this cube:

The flash happened and it went away.

I believe it was the union of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that triggered the Flash, which I suspect is The Event.

I think the more our inner masculine and feminine 'balance', the more the energy will become favorable for The Event.

I invite you to explore your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Think of a single mother having to do repairs around the house, because there's no man to 'fix things'. Another image would be the grandson who is postponing college to move to another state to care for his grandmother who is in the early signs of dementia. Meditate, reflect, balance, and continue to explore your own energies within.

We are headed for the end of Duality, or time of Separation. We are, as humanity combined, going to new experiences in the Higher Realms.  Gaia is graduating to 5D, and instead of mass extinction like most planetary upgrades, in her Kindness she has decided to 'take us with Her'. Gaia is a Feminine Planet, and the current 'Masculine-dominated' regime has become so unbalanced in energy it is life-threatening to Her. She asked for Help from The Divine. It is on its way.

The Flash of the Event triggers a new time in history. It will begin with a final clean up of corruption and deceit from our society as we know it. It runs deep into the central banking system, and almost every other institution on earth, including the military. The 're-set' will take about three weeks, society will continue as normal as possible through its duration--essential services need to be supplied. Power and water should stay up, as well as the Internet, although there may be some local disruptions.

We are all of us in this Together. We came to earth at this time in order to Assist. Our Souls have been through 'changes' like this many times before, in many incarnations, elsewhere in the Universe.  Know, if you are reading this, your soul is advanced and going to be able to guide others who are not as advanced through the changing process.  The ability to remain heart-centered, calm, and focused on the end result when others are prone to panic is a must. Gaia wants to have as little loss of life as possible through the Transition; this is why the Event has not happened yet, although it could have several times in the past few years because the energy window at each time was 'right'.

Please stay tuned here for further updates.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

here is the direct link:

What Muhammad Ali Means To Me

Cassius Clay. That's what everyone called him on the television set. I was just a tot. I loved Dad so much that when it was boxing night, I would take off my shirt just like him, and sit next to him on the couch. Mom would give me a tiny juice glass half-filled with beer. I never drank it, but I was totally honored to be just like Dad.

Over the years, I never gave it much thought, boxing. It was something Dad and Uncle did to keep in shape in the back yard. I would try on the gloves. I would watch them. And I would always be around when it was time to watch boxing on the TV. Boxing made everybody happy, and it was a way of life.

I remember when he changed his name to Muhammad Ali. I wondered 'why?' Apparently he had 'found religion' and 'his religion made him change his name'. It seemed like a big fuss to me, but I didn't think about it. I was never sucked in to the hype.

As the years wore on and I studied medicine, I realized what horrible things happen in the ring.

I understood the delicate nature of the brain. What knockouts mean. And that all of those punches, cut eyes, and simply the stamina to be in the ring, meant so much more in the physical than meets the eye. And the mental?

One day I was in New York at a conference. I was staying at the Marquis hotel in the Broadway district. The Carnegie Deli was right down the street. Back then, I loved their corned beef sandwiches. So I went. There was a buzz about the place. It wasn't like before. And after a while, an entourage came out the door to the stairs that was in front of me and to my left. Guess who came out? Muhammad Ali!

He faced the crowd with calm and seemed to be enjoying it. I went up to him and when it was my turn, to get an autograph, I also shared that he was my grandfather's favorite person of all time, and I was lucky to meet him now. I got an autograph and posed for a picture. I could tell Ali thought I was beautiful. He held me tight in the picture and pressed his face next to mine. He was delighted when I gave him a hug and a kiss. You know even before the autographs, for about five minutes, he did magic tricks, slight of hand, for the crowd, much to our glad surprise!

It was remarkable his giving of himself and wanting to make sure that moment of contact with him was special for everyone there.

Out of all of these 'Top Boxers Of All Time', Ali is the first. And this list is not alphabetical! He has Top Billing in the sheet of stamps. Why is this? Simply put:

He is the greatest boxer of all time.

Let me explain. He was born at a time when opportunity for young black men from Kentucky was basically to be this in our society--a black punching bag. Do the work, don't complain, don't expect anything more than mere survival.

Don't dare to dream or lift yourself up out of your Life Circumstances!

Ali said, 'I'm not going to take any of that!' He chose to be the best of the best. He knew that boxing was his way out of his circumstances--he was good at it, and had the determination to invest the time and discipline in himself to make the most of his talent.

Boxing involves the Heart Chakra. The arms and the chest. You can't step into the ring and fight with your mind. It has to be YOU, all of you, unmistakably you against the other in the ring for all to see. There is nothing to hide, nowhere to hide, everything shows!

Even your Vibration. And everyone knows the Strongest Vibration Wins.

Ali is a humanist and a master at manifestation. His heart is is greatest gift to all of humanity. We experience it, each of us, without a doubt, whenever we see or hear or recall or meet or even think of him.

Boxing is brutal. I can't bear to watch it, now that I know what is going on with the physical body in the ring. I always thought it was wretched for them to advertise and sell a Big Meet. And sell beer.  It is one of the worst institutions in all of Duality--'me versus you'-- 3D reality.

And yet it takes this one special star to bring his gift of hope to others, and to share his heart with all of humanity, rising into our consciousness like a floating butterfly. There is no sting like a bee but rather a dazzling sense of electicity about it that goes beyond the legend itself...

You don't have to be poor. You don't have to be a nobody. You don't have to take other people's crap. You call the shots. You make the moves. You set your course and follow it. 

You know, most Olympic gold medalists stop after winning the gold. They might seek to win again, and might possibly get it...but after the endorsements run out, they coach. Or they marry Kris Kardashian and get plastic surgery...

For Ali winning the gold was just the start of the biggest career anyone in boxing has ever had!

And he never had to sell a kitchen appliance.

Even though much of the experience in 3D--the Lesson of Duality--it pretty shocking overall, there are some lessons of Spirit that are legend. Muhammad Ali is one who overcame all obstacles and inspires us to this day in how he accepts his Parkinson's that boxing gave him. He showed us that we can do anything if we set our minds and hearts on it.

I love you very much, and thank you for your Service to the Light. Even more than that, you showed me I can be both strong AND beautiful!

YOU Can Do Anything!!!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Here is the direct link if the video doesn't play on your computer:

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Veil Is Thin This Morning

I woke up to this today--outside the windows

'Oh! j'adore le brouillard!'-- 'Oh! I love the fog!' was my first thought of the day.
To me, fog is the breath of Spirit, of the Divine, and the reminder that 'all is not as it seems'. Sounds are muffled. And visibility is poor. I always pray when I drive in the fog. I have to. I can't see. It is through faith and following the lights of the car ahead of me, and praying it is going the same speed that I find my way to my destination.

Today's fog is 'different'. With my 'eyes that see' I can feel superimposed on it that Spirit is really Present, Here and Now. The Veil is at its thinnest it has been all 2013. We have entered the time of year where it annually thins. This is why Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos celebrations are natural extensions of the annual return of the supernatural close enough so that everyone can feel it.

What is the Veil? It is a limit on our own natural psychic ability that prevents us from all being able to feel and hear the Presence of those who have passed. It also prevents us from using telepathy with one another (it is our natural right to be 'connected to Source' and 'to each other' through this.) We are built for it but unable to use our natural gifts.

Honor your gifts and your loved ones. Prepare a small table with photos and items they enjoyed when they were alive. Talk to them! And feel the connection of Love warm in your heart.

Know they hear you and enjoy your talking to them. It is easier for them to listen when the Veil is thin.

I have to go do two cases now. I am on call. I would have liked to make this longer, but I can't.

Take care and know you are always present in Spirit to everyone you have loved.

For always and forever.

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Friday, October 25, 2013

A Prayer From The Heart--October 25, 2013

Dear Angels in Heaven:
Help me to Feel The Love in the Universe Today.
Help me to Be That Love Present Here on Earth.
Help me to Bring The Touch of Compassion To All I Meet.
Help me to Maintain this Spirit of Light against All Challenge.
Help me to Always Grow Stronger in Faith, Hope and Love.
Love Is The Highest Power There Is.
Bathe Me In The Energy of this Love Until my day ends.
Fill my Heart With Love to the point of Overflowing.
Let Love Guide me in Everything I Do: today, tomorrow, and every day that I live.

  Aloha and Mahalos, Namaste, Reiki Doc   

Thursday, October 24, 2013


The Energies are shifting rapidly today!

To be honest, I am enjoying every minute. <3

Here are some key 'themes' from today's energies:

Here is a summary about 'attachments', things that can 'affect' your energy system--how Energy from Source flows thought Chakras to your physical body and meridians:
  • One must accept there is 'a whole lot out there' that we can't see, first.
  • One must also accept that 'everything alive, and every person' has a soul.
  • There are some exceptions, but they are rare and even those individuals have a 'God spark'.
  • When one Transitions to the Other Side through the death process, Free Will allows them to not leave the Earth Plane.
  • Most people who do this choose to stay because of a loved one, worry, or feeling not worthy of the Afterlife. Others experienced deaths that were sudden and didn't really know they were dead.
  • People in this situation do not have chakras and an energy source. They will 'starve'.
  • A living human energy system is needed for them to 'survive'. They 'attach'.
  • This is only possible when the aura is seriously weakened--fear of death, abuse to the 'host', sudden loss of a loved one,  or super strong negative emotions all make it 'open' and 'vulnerable'.
  • Other things can too, but they are of this magnitude. Chemical dependence is one of them.
  • In the blink of an eye one of these entities can 'attach' and drain energy from the host.
  • Very few people make it to adulthood without having had one of these 'seriously weakened' events that could 'open the aura, even for a short time'.
  • There are literally millions of 'actively seeking' entities without an energy source swimming around us at all times.
  • This is why the average number of Negative Entities for most people is five. Some more, some less, but very few have none.
  • I can see Dark Entities and I remove them from my patients in the O.R. I just did two on Tuesday. (and no, it was not a Two-fer Tuesday special!).
  • Dark Entities are not mere parasites. They wish to create pain in the host. They travel in pairs, a major and a minor. The minor one always comes out first.
  • I do not remove these alone. I have the Guides of Compassionate Healing always present and I work in partnership with them. They are On The Other Side. 
  • These are the same Guides who work with Margaret Mc Cormick. She did not teach me how to do this.
  • In exceptional cases, I know Margaret does removals for free. 
  • Margaret, like other Lightworkers and Healers I know, is solely supported by her Light work. As far as I am concerned, if we are in 3D, we need to eat. Although for some, like me, it works out to work full-time and do what is asked of me in Spirit for free, not everyone is in this situation.
  • In 5D, everyone will have many of the skills current psychics and healers have--so then everything WILL be for free and furthermore, many 'healers' will need new 'occupations'! 
  • I hope one of them is me. I want to take care of animals after I graduate from Earth School.
  • Margaret will remove Negative Entities (friendly parasites) and Dark Entities (not friendly ones), and also all Implants.
  • Implants are non-living control systems that have been inserted into our energy fields and bodies as a means of controlling us. I had one in my right ovary.
  • MANY people offer to 'clear implants and attachments'. Not all are from the Light.
  • I experienced a 'clearing' that was powerful through a mutual friend. I felt it. I felt better at the time. But I 'felt funny' about it, and was pressured to pay for it after it was done. It was not transparent, and at the time I thought it was 'just between friends'.
  • In 'undoing' that, I discovered that basically, there are healers and then there are healers of healers. Some can see what others do not, as far as 'attachments' and implants go.
  • The technology of implants is impressive.

Remember, this is a time of rapid timeline and energy 'movements'. The way those non-physical ones that 'do not have our best interest at heart' work is to use their technology to create 'divide and conquer' tactics. 

Here are some quotes from Cobra:
  • Experience especially in the last few months shows that human nature is very susceptible to Archons' physical and non-physical influence.
    Archons succeeded in fragmenting the liberation movement. Surface positive groups were infiltrated and corrupted, those that remained pure were ridiculed and attacked.  Any ideas from you about  how to reduce the fragmentation of positive groups and achieve more unity among them before the Event would be most welcome. Under Archon influence, humans are also quick to accuse and attack and this could easily lead to witch hunts and mobs lynching people that are not to their liking. Anybody could be attacked and labeled as »cabal collaborator« or anything similar. Such things need to be prevented and therefore the Event will NOT happen before the non-physical planes are taken care of.
  • E

    Remember I am not the best blogger when it comes to 'making it nice to look at'--sorry for the above.

    Here is the link to the main part the quotes came from:

    What do I recommend in these rapid times of change? 
    Feel the Love.
    Be Love.
    And whenever you are 'not feeling the love', leave. Just 'drop everything' mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and 'let it go'. 
    Do not engage in conflict.
    We are in times where there are MANY different Vibrational Abilities out there. If one is too 'Dark' or 'Low' for you, literally 'run away'. 
    Seek 'Like-Minded People' and listen to your Heart.
    The 'Not Your Best Interest At Heart' are BANKING on you to use your mind and get 'sucked in' to their way of running things, the way it has always been.
    LOVE is the Solution For Everything. 
    So look over your shoulder when you are running away, and send them love--at a safe distance!

    Aloha and Mahalos,

    Reiki Doc