Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Archangel Gabriel woke me up this morning. 'I have a message for you.'

I asked him very politely if he would mind if I excused myself to the restroom first. He gestured, 'Go!'.

I came back, and he had me arrange the pillows like a 'beach chair' and to put my journal on my lap. But I was super sleepy. He said, 'Rest' and I fell asleep just like that for an extra two hours.

All day long, in the back of my mind, I wondered what He was going to say?

But instead, I arrived to work on time--I had a late start. I anesthetized my patient. I relieved a coworker, although my heart had wanted me to go to where my heart had planned to go (I had extra clothes and everything for lunch--it's a long story). It looked like I'd be there late. So I ate some 'bosses day' chinese noodles in the nurses' lounge before I relieved my colleague to go see her kid recite a project in her first grade class.

You know, OR people are nice. Dusty said, 'Yes, there's enough food, you can eat.' because I didn't pack my lunch, but the nurses and techs had bought for their bosses. The nurses teased the male nurse with the peanut allergy. Everything he went to eat, they'd say, 'There's peanut in it'. We all knew if he 'blew up' we could resuscitate him. But it's just our kind of humor. There were cute cupcakes and cake, but I didn't eat.

There was a one hour delay before my case. I accepted it, and instead of socializing, I set out to walk around the hospital and make some Vitamin D.

As I relaxed, the phone rang--it was another colleague who was finished and offered to relieve me!

So I went, I followed my heart, and sat alone in the loneliest corner of the restaurant because it was so full! I face the front door (good Feng Shui) and I people watched.

I saw many Buddhist monks and nuns--four, two separate parties, and I never have seen any there before. I watched the owner, who has taken a vow of silence, interact with them, Buddhist to Buddhist. And I was overwhelmed with sadness for them--they feel that they have to do some pretty drastic things to get 'enlightenment'--their own connection to Source. My Source allows me to speak to dead people, help souls cross to the Light, help heal many many people including online friends, and connect with like-minded people. I keep my hair. I can touch men and women--Buddhists can't touch women, not the monks--I know in the hospital it is a big deal for patient care. Doctors are the only exception, nurses too. I can laugh, I can talk, I can argue with Source, I can howl in pain from my breaking heart. I can hug trees, talk to fairies and animals...and because I don't like it, I don't eat meat, but I am not 'chained' to it. I felt compassion for those who have to follow what they are taught to find God...

Next, a regular, we'll call her 'Bee', came in, and filled my empty seat at my table. She does colonic therapy. She actually had miraculous healings herself, including a severe cashew allergy. She woke up to a voice that said, 'the allergy is GONE' and what used to make her throat swell, stopped! Rashes, endometriosis, and hypothyroid cleared by listening to her intuition, too. In her own words, 'I am in control of my vehicle'.

Bee is from Arcturus.  She is Arcturian, and 'woke up' about six years ago. But she has a serious case of ADD. You know those 'implants' Cobra talked about? She has one. I could tell. Whenever she would start to get some clarity on her 'Mission' in 5D, it was like someone short-circuited her with a big ZAP and the thinking would get 'switched' to another topic. The poor woman has no idea of these 'implants' but I saw it being used to 'keep her down' spiritually, big time.

That being said, she offered ME a colonic. I declined. She asked why and I shared how I have seen perforated bowel in the O.R, and my gastroenterologists say there's more harm than good. This is because the water is not monitored for pressure in the bowel. Every bowel is different, and a blocked one with a tumor won't fit all that water in! Or the introducer could tear delicate rectum as it is placed by a not-so-careful technician. I also asked about c. difficult and contact isolation precautions to prevent infection transfer from one patient to the next. The equipment was sterile, and something else she 'cleaned' but it was 'because she thought it was good' and not standardized or mandatory. And wiping down the room? No.

She took it well, and was fascinated and wanted to learn MORE about how to care for the colon. I offered to mention her interest to my most open-minded gastroenterologist, and perhaps they could meet?

Next I met a bulldog named 'Shirley'. Shirley is the wife of an anesthesiologist, a vegan, and interested in the project I have with the cafeteria/chef at my work. She wants us to get vegan catering there, and then get her husband's work 'in on it'. Shirley has been vegan so long she thinks doctors are not smart enough to figure out a 'switch' to soy fake meats in the doctor's dining room. She also believes a petition to the management would 'get them in'. I told her the cold hard facts--doctors like meat, the Chef at work is the only one with pull, and no compensation can be put on the deal yet because it is to serve humanity (hospital staff and patients) by making vegan options available to them--tasty ones.

We went round and round on the issues. It was a real downer seeing someone put something so stupid like a price tag on a way to make suffering less and health more. Just like with Bee, when you have your Mission and Commit to it, the Universe follows through with all kinds of opportunity coincidences! It is just like dominos falling against each other, boom boom boom boom boom...

By that time, I was estrogened out. I sought relief and I got it.

In any interaction with another, the STRONGEST Vibration Wins. It can be positive or negative, but it is the most intense energy that will affect the weaker one.

I held my own, but I sought out the testosterone corner (other owner, the silent one) just for a balancing effect.

I came home.

And Gabriel ushered me to my room. My kid is with Dad, it's Wednesday...

Guess what?

It's official.

I made it.

He did it and congratulated me. He said I was 'very close' and 'there wasn't much for him to do to make it happen' and 'it was like sweeping sand off a piece of wood'.

There is a wonderful warm feeling of peace and Love in my heart center now.

My body and soul are anchors for The Event.

I'll share more as it occurs...

And after the ecstasy of Archangel Gabriel and his message? I watered the plants and worked in the garden.

There's work tomorrow. And it's another day. But a very different one at that.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Orso is Italian for Bear. I wanted today to have the theme of how it feels to be 'there'--just like the love and security in this scene: