Thursday, October 3, 2013

Soul To Soul, Heart To Heart

In the 5th dimension, communication takes place within the combined, interacting auric fields.

One 'senses' the intention of the other, it has a 'ring' to it of sincerity and truth--or the lack thereof.

Not everyone will be comfortable with this type of interaction, one based on mutual trust, openness, and Light.

For those who insist on the means of deceit and untruth, they are going to be highly uncomfortable in the Higher Realms.

This is why some will elect to leave Gaia. Some have pre-planned exit points in their individual Life Scripts. Some have chosen to let their life be an inspiration to others with its ending. And others, well, are going 'someplace else' which I do not understand exactly, but are going to be safe.

Here are two examples that are personal to make a point:

  • my mother has chosen to stay in 3D. Her life is fear-based and she thinks this is reality. I have been told she will have a 3D hologram of me, and will think it is really who I am, although in fact it is not. I will be able to 'check' on her and visit every now and then.
  • Blessed Mother gave me a list of who in my immediate household will ascend--the kid, the turtle, and the bird--along with me. The snake will stay, 'but God will make sure someone is taking very good care of him'.
I know this sounds shallow and uncaring, but everything is truly happening for the best. It all has to do with the energy vibrations. I know for a fact when I did Lightwork last summer, there were times where I felt my head was going to blow off! It was amazing energy, and I have been working on it for ages. But in some Native American stories, 'ones that shone like light' that came to teach the tribes and ended up being Kachinas, the very first one 'touched' a tribesman, and they burnt to a pile of ashes instantly. The others learned not to touch--it was an accident, quite well-intentioned--but you get my drift how Vibrational incompatibility can be a concerning reality.

Another fascinating fact I found in an old book by Jacques-Yves Cousteau:

In 1955, when we were filming The Silent World, we left the Seychelles and headed toward Amirante Island in the Indian Ocean. Claypso dropped anchor on the leeward side of a reef and remained there for two days while we dived. We noticed that, every morning at about ten o'clock, a school of dolphins passed near the Calypso, apparently on a swimming tour of the reef. I wanted to follow them, and, since it seemed unnecessary to use Calypso for this, Frederic Dumas and I set out in one of our launches. To this day, I have not forgiven myself for not taking a camera.

On the other side of the reef, we saw a dolphin rise to the surface to breathe and then let himself sink down into the water again, without swimming. We inched forward in the launch until we were as close as we dared to go, then we dived. On this occaision, the dolphins did not flee as soon as we got into the water. From the surface--we did not have out Aqua-Lungs with us--we looked down and saw them turn their heads and stare at us. There were about fifteen dolphins--probably the school that we had seen going past the Calypso every morning--in the crystal clear water on the side of the reef. They were sitting on the bottom, in a group, as if they were holding a conference. I say 'sitting', I mean they were literally poised on their tails.

They remained where they were, stirring a bit and looking at one another. Then they continued on with their meeting. But when we tried to move in closer to them, they swam away immediately. It was a unique and extraordinarily impressive sight....I have described it because I think Dumas and I are the only humans ever to have witnessed behavior of this sort among dolphins.

The dolphin I saw in Friendship Begins With a Smile was upright like that--here is the link ( ). I think we are in for something cool in 5D. Something totally awesome!

Aloha and mahalos,


Reiki Doc