Saturday, October 5, 2013

Releasing The Chains That Bind You

Happy Saturday!

I'll keep it short and sweet.

Watch this--you'll love it!
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Who is this dude?

He's a turncoat. A researcher who originally worked on MK-Ultra and Project Solo, an aircraft weapon that had three hundred and sixty computers on board that projects emotions for crowd control. It was used on the Branch Davidians, an invasion of Iraq, and other places.

He also developed a system/training to make Navy Seals more Psychic in one day--quadrupled their ability. (He sells this in lectures now).

A student of Dr. Timothy Leary, he was the brightest of the bright for his time, and grew disillusioned with the scope and purpose of his classified Military work (he RAN the China Lake and Livermore 'projects'!)

Now he speaks for our ability to discover the truth behind GMO, television, computers, cell-phones, EMF, and pharmaceuticals. Did you know they have 'plantceuticals'--well beyond GMO--for example, wheat was created to make birth control in India, and it was used on the public, and women's infertility rates went up?

It's a good talk. I hope you will enjoy it.

Do what thou will shale be the whole of love, love is the law, love under will. --Aleister Crowley

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