Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Healing With The Dragon's Gate

I cried all morning.

I literally just bawled.

For I SEE that Earth is a Quarantine planet, a prison virtually, and no soul can escape or be reunited with their soul family, not even through death, because of the Veil and the control of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

I saw the Truth.

Not even the reunion with my beloved Twin Flame, if it were to happen, can fix it. We could be happy, but then, one of us would still die and have to go back into the wretched Samsara system.

This is why I am so deeply upset--because I remember Heaven and where I came from before I got here. The amnesia is strong but not strong enough to cover this. Here is a similar blog post that explains the feeling more:

Here is a quote from it:
The lessons that you chose to have presented to you during your human lives will continue to be presented to you until you recognize them for what they are and make an effort to understand them and then learn from them.  Each one leads perfectly to the next, and consequently you cannot skip or bypass any because they each give you insights that will help you to understand the next one.  Your life paths and the lessons that you chose to have appear on them in front of you were very wisely and lovingly created so that you could obtain the highest benefit with the minimum of suffering.  It is not imposed suffering that you experience when you do not learn your lessons, it is just the inevitable result of error.  For instance if you drive your vehicle too fast around a sharp bend on a wet or icy road you are likely to have an accident because you have made an error of judgment.  There is no punishment involved or intended, although you may choose to interpret what occurs in that way.
When the separation occurred you moved into a state of amnesia, and memories, which depend on the linear flow of time, locked you neatly into the time continuum so that the Now moment, in which all of creation exists eternally, was closed off or hidden from you, and your knowing of your Oneness with God was temporarily mislaid.  Without that knowing of God’s infinite, eternal, and unconditional Love for you, and of which you are each essential and inseparable aspects, severe suffering assailed you.
You were created in Love from Love by your heavenly Father, and to lose that Love, as it seems that you did, has caused unimaginable pain and suffering.  That is why He wants and intends that you awaken from your horrific nightmare.  He wants only your eternal happiness, He neither judges nor punishes because that is not the way of Love.
You have attempted to hide from the terror that you instigated, to disguise it, and to deny it, but as long as you appear to be separated from His Love it will be there undermining your self-worth by convincing you that because you are unloved, as it seems to you that you are, you are therefore unworthy of Love.  To live with that belief is too painful to endure, and so it is refuted, denied, and hidden deep in your unconscious for as long as you have the egoic strength to contain it.
When the separation happened your Father instantly provided for its dissolution by ensuring that your connection to Him was unbreakable and eternal – of course it was always unbreakable, you just were not aware of that – and always available to you if you chose to go within to your inner unseparated space and call on Him or your spiritual guides, angels, saints, or mentors for assistance.

Well, that is why I cried. That is why I wrote this:

And mercy was shown. This is a lifeline--it is almost a Light Box, and is the closest thing on earth to it: It was just posted like, twenty minutes ago.

I bought that sucker. The nice one. I don't care how much it costs. I don't care about anything except getting OUT of this place my spirit does not want to be.

I am pretty certain we missed the 'window of opportunity' for The Event in October. I had been counting on it. Now, back to the drawing board, with my new Mandala Sphere Laser System. At least it will give me something to do, perhaps, a way to lead medicine forward, and perhaps to tip the scales one patient at a time closer to The Event and Liberation Of The Planet. I already am working towards this with my patients in the O.R. Yesterday I gave the Platinum Ray to the timeline of the whole Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Organization-- 3D on steroids if you ask me, and I think it needs a huge shot of L-O-V-I-N-G 5D energy!

I'll keep you informed on how the Laser System works.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc