Sunday, October 27, 2013

Today's Reiki Healing

I was sending today's Reiki healing, and Usui-Sensei 'popped in'. He asked a question about sexuality. The question was based on the comment of a reader who said, 'Her ex wanted sex twice  a day--enough of that already!' now they share a home but live separate lives.

He said that everyone thinks that their own 'need--or how often' is 'normal' and that everybody else's is 'wrong'. 

He further said that we are coming to a time where every 'answer' is going to be 'respected', for there are no 'rights and no wrongs' in 5D--only 'learning and what is needed to grow'.

He played the song from Michael Jackson, 'The Way You Make Me Feel' (attached, at bottom).

So I opened the distance and the CKR, and the Reiki wouldn't flow.

This was surprising to me because it has flown fantastically to those I send healings to. Two days ago, I ramped it up, the energy. And yesterday was 'off the charts!' and the grids connecting us together are totally clear.

Open the Goddess Energy.

Was he sure? I'd never done that. I checked. Yes. (I have Goddess Energy flowing through me 24/7, due to an initiation done in November by Lady Isis, yet I can 'open' and 'tap in' further if I wish.)

So I opened it.

I felt it flow.

Then Goddess said I was being given a Ray of Goddess Energy to use for this purpose, and here after. It is beautiful, clear Lavender, called 'Orchid', lighter than the Gold-tinged Lavender of 5D. It looks much like the lighter flowers here:

I was instructed to blow it, like I do the Violet Flame.

Then I was guided to say Om. This is no ordinary Om. This is Karuna Reiki Om.

The Goddess Energies were being absorbed rapidly, and with much gratitude by the grid...

I was instructed to wait for the Divine Masculine Energies to flow back to me...I was curious what they would be like...

It was liquid Golden and came from the Grid back to my person.

Then I heard the voices of many males in the grid and all over the planet--
'I wasn't RIGHT without You! I wasn't feeling Right. Something terribly important was missing!' the Divine Masculine was saying from the hearts of many to me, an earthly representative of The Divine Feminine. They were talking to the Divine Feminine, not me.

I saw arms reaching out, male to female, female to male, like this:

Then,  very fast, like lines going out in all directions, the timelines collapsed, like as if an equal sign turned instantly into a dash (   = ----> --  ) in all Dimensions, going backward and forward in time. I saw stars and the galaxies all connecting to this point, like spokes of a wheel, heading back to our Planet and all of us.

And then there was a loud sound, a crack or a bang, and a big flash of Light. It was not like anything I had ever seen, kind of 'not of this earth', sort of like the color in this cube:

The flash happened and it went away.

I believe it was the union of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that triggered the Flash, which I suspect is The Event.

I think the more our inner masculine and feminine 'balance', the more the energy will become favorable for The Event.

I invite you to explore your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Think of a single mother having to do repairs around the house, because there's no man to 'fix things'. Another image would be the grandson who is postponing college to move to another state to care for his grandmother who is in the early signs of dementia. Meditate, reflect, balance, and continue to explore your own energies within.

We are headed for the end of Duality, or time of Separation. We are, as humanity combined, going to new experiences in the Higher Realms.  Gaia is graduating to 5D, and instead of mass extinction like most planetary upgrades, in her Kindness she has decided to 'take us with Her'. Gaia is a Feminine Planet, and the current 'Masculine-dominated' regime has become so unbalanced in energy it is life-threatening to Her. She asked for Help from The Divine. It is on its way.

The Flash of the Event triggers a new time in history. It will begin with a final clean up of corruption and deceit from our society as we know it. It runs deep into the central banking system, and almost every other institution on earth, including the military. The 're-set' will take about three weeks, society will continue as normal as possible through its duration--essential services need to be supplied. Power and water should stay up, as well as the Internet, although there may be some local disruptions.

We are all of us in this Together. We came to earth at this time in order to Assist. Our Souls have been through 'changes' like this many times before, in many incarnations, elsewhere in the Universe.  Know, if you are reading this, your soul is advanced and going to be able to guide others who are not as advanced through the changing process.  The ability to remain heart-centered, calm, and focused on the end result when others are prone to panic is a must. Gaia wants to have as little loss of life as possible through the Transition; this is why the Event has not happened yet, although it could have several times in the past few years because the energy window at each time was 'right'.

Please stay tuned here for further updates.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

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