Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Lesson Of 'Doctor Potty Mouth'

My Spirit went mano-a-mano against a very Low Vibration surgeon yesterday

Doctor 'Cookie'. His last case got added into my room. I vaguely remembered why I didn't like him: one time he sat at the charge nurse's chair at the OR Front Desk, and the head of the Service RN sat on HIS lap and 'ground' in front of the rest of us.  They laughed like it was a joke to cover what we knew was 'not joking'. My friend the scrub tech who has friends in the porn industry got offended and wanted to write them up for harassment after seeing THAT!

The surgeon breezes into the room- where it the F------g music? I will go F------g INSANE if we don't have MUSIC! Okay bitches! Let's get this F-------g case started! He called the RN circulator and scrub tech 'F------ers' and left the room.

I do NOT like his Potty Mouth at ALL! I exclaimed to the scrub tech, who totally cracked up and said, 'that's just the way he IS....' 

I think the surgeon heard that last sentence as he walked in the room with his wet hands after scrubbing for the procedure. He only cranked up the music MORE and cussed more vehemently while he worked.

I chilled.

And then I realized what was going on--The Stronger Vibration Wins. And I was going to BE that Stronger Vibration.

I  tapped in to Spirit. It was like 'meditating uphill' or 'in a bus station'--the equipment, the cussing, the music painfully loud...(we are supposed to 'keep the surgeons happy' because they bring cases and therefore 'money' to the hospital--that's why I didn't confront him. Especially over a fifteen minute case.) The loud music, negativity, and cursing energy were weakening MY aura being exposed to it--I had to be strong and raise my OWN Vibration UP.

You know what? It was a really GOOD exercise for my soul to interact like that.

At the end? Peace. Calm. Many thanks for 'your help' to me directly by the surgeon. (I think he didn't want me to write him up--LOL).

And the moral of the story? The patient was in love with him--had the google-y eyes, and on the table said, 'I am so nervous I want to talk to him and see him one last time before I go to sleep'.

The surgeon was told her request and said, 'no'. I induced anesthesia without him present. 

Some people are 'that way'.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc