Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Follow Your Joy

In the energies of the times, there is tremendous opportunity for personal growth and fulfillment. There is an empowerment to you that is there for the taking: it is doing what you Enjoy and Love to do no matter WHAT the circumstances!

This is not ignoring 'current events'. It is choosing to pursue your own personal Growth and Development by honoring your Spirit, while giving a 'nod' to things you can only watch but have no ability to control.

For example, I adore playing the piano. It is one of my first loves, my only instrument I can play. I used to play all kinds of classical music at home after dinner while I was growing up. But then the responsibilities of university, work, medical school, and motherhood took me out of that habit.

Empowered with Joy by a second afternoon spent working in the garden, I chose to play from Debussy's Suite Bergamasque as my boy did some homework.

Clair De Lune is my signature piece; it was the only one I had completely memorized. I had to resurrect it from my own memory last night. It sounded awful, but with a little effort and consistency I can get it back again.

The Passepied, which I learned one beautiful romantic summer in Cincinnati, Ohio, was easier to remember and actually for the most part sounded good.

Everywhere I look, I see empowerment and 'lifting up' of my heart--the home is clean, the garden is ready for planting in the back (all the soil is turned over and amended and there is a new little fence), the front is all decorated for Halloween complete with lights (my boy loves to design the yard), and the piano is no longer a silent reminder of my past happiness.

Yes, even as the world is 'falling apart' and 'Big change is on the horizon'! Why not make the most of each day? There is no time like the present.

And the energy in my aura right now is full of Life! Joy! Vitality! and all the fruits of the Spirit--patience, love, humility, and the rest.

There is a big day ahead of me at work. I will work long and hard, like a rabbit running back and forth to my O.R. for a bunch of cases in quick succession.  I enjoy the patient care and working with the team. But there won't be any more posts today, so I hope you enjoy this and make your own Joyful Moments. And please, if you would be so kind, share them with me. What makes your heart sing? There's plenty of room in the comments for your joy too!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc