Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Veil Is Thin This Morning

I woke up to this today--outside the windows

'Oh! j'adore le brouillard!'-- 'Oh! I love the fog!' was my first thought of the day.
To me, fog is the breath of Spirit, of the Divine, and the reminder that 'all is not as it seems'. Sounds are muffled. And visibility is poor. I always pray when I drive in the fog. I have to. I can't see. It is through faith and following the lights of the car ahead of me, and praying it is going the same speed that I find my way to my destination.

Today's fog is 'different'. With my 'eyes that see' I can feel superimposed on it that Spirit is really Present, Here and Now. The Veil is at its thinnest it has been all 2013. We have entered the time of year where it annually thins. This is why Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos celebrations are natural extensions of the annual return of the supernatural close enough so that everyone can feel it.

What is the Veil? It is a limit on our own natural psychic ability that prevents us from all being able to feel and hear the Presence of those who have passed. It also prevents us from using telepathy with one another (it is our natural right to be 'connected to Source' and 'to each other' through this.) We are built for it but unable to use our natural gifts.

Honor your gifts and your loved ones. Prepare a small table with photos and items they enjoyed when they were alive. Talk to them! And feel the connection of Love warm in your heart.

Know they hear you and enjoy your talking to them. It is easier for them to listen when the Veil is thin.

I have to go do two cases now. I am on call. I would have liked to make this longer, but I can't.

Take care and know you are always present in Spirit to everyone you have loved.

For always and forever.

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc