Thursday, October 3, 2013

Reiki and The Player

Dear One Who Plays With People's Hearts,

Thank you for being what you are.

You know, where I live, almost everyone you meet has a little part of this. 'Playing' has evolved to an art where the woman who outsmarts the player at his own game gets the prize, a big shiny ring and 'bragging rights' in a ceremony that takes months to plan and even longer to exchange all the gifts.

No travel through 3D would be complete without you!

The lessons that you provide in Growth and Development are accelerated soul education at its best.

I had almost forgotten in my list of abuses against sexuality, the holiest of gifts that is from Source, your form of interaction is, in my opinion, the most painful of all.  You hurt more than the love interest. You damage the relationship with the friends because what they know might not be believed by the love interest (their close friend) if they tell them that they know the truth. There is so much more chaos and damage if you count those close to the 'interest'. The close relationships that are meant to support one another get pushed to the limit of 'what friendship is' by your heart and all its romantic moves.

Anyhow, I study you. With open eyes, and my third eye, all working fascinates me how you think you are the only one who knows you're playing! I watch and I gather data for my final trip 'back home', like an anthropologist in Africa's darkest forest...I see you hitting on me in the O.R., I see you buying a drink for my sister who is vulnerable, I see you planning your 'big date'  and bragging to me about it while I work, I see you at the nightclubs where I used to dance, I see you try to sell me something by adding your 'appeal' along with the pitch, I see you in the movie star gossip, I see you just about everywhere in the general Los Angeles area...but you are a dying breed, in danger of going extinct!

The dawn of 5D approaches.  You won't be able to play your silly game much longer! All of our auras will be functioning as they were meant to be. When the aura does not match the intent one presents to others, people will find a way to find someone else where they both match.

Here is a gentle reminder about the 'even playing field' for the heart in 5D, with a gentle nod of gassho to Master Mikao Usui:

  • Just for today, I will live with gratitude.

    Just for today, I will not worry.

    Just for today, I will not anger.

    Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

    Just for today, I will have respect for every living thing.

    How will we interpret this between us? Well, I will share what it feels like for me. I am grateful for your interest. I do not worry about your motive because time is on my side, and I have patience and wisdom to 'let things sort themselves out'. I will not anger because you are simply perfect just the way you are, and are very good at it. It is up to me to decide if I wish to be involved in the first place. I will do my work on the heart honestly, and keep in very good touch with it by speaking to it directly. It will know who is worthy of trust right away. Most of all, I have respect for every living thing, including your heart, for how am I to judge that which is not to be decided by me? In the big picture, for Galactic Learning, you offer a service to those who want to learn from the very best at teaching this important interpersonal spiritual lesson!

    My heart is content to just be present in the Here and Now.

    Everything I need is here with me, because the Past, Present, and Future are combined into One.

    The Solution For Everything Is Love.

    Love Powers The Universe!

    Om! : D

    Thank you for making me understand what I've got, and why it's the best forever, all you players who have tried to break my heart in the past. The Here and Now is the most romantic love story that every was written, just like Mother Mary promised, and I am experiencing it now.

    Aloha and mahalos,

    Reiki Doc