Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What One Year Can Do

One year ago today, I published an article about meeting my anesthesia guide, Dr. Ralph Waters. I 'met' him in spirit at my home one day before his birthday. Yes, today, this important legend in the history of anesthesiology from the University of Wisconsin, would have been one-hundred and thirty years old. I chose this boy's image, because I think there is some resemblance between Dr. Waters and him. Here is the link to the original article, so you might have a chance to read what Dr. Waters said.

He is known as the person who began the process of formal training for anesthesiologists.

As I look back on the year, it is amazing just how much I have grown in my Lightwork:

  • I had a huge crush on KP, and was making plans to meet him. I greatly admired his work, and hoped he would 'take me under his wing' and 'show me the ropes'.
  • Instead there was a major 'blow up' on his part. I think basically, he likes boys (and girls--he was interviewed by an internet radio), and even more, he likes to work alone.For his mission, there are to be no ties, no commitments, and complete and total freedom. KP will work for mochas!
  • I handled that 'dis-harmony' very well. On my trip to Hawaii, I never thought twice or looked back. I moved forward. I did a lot of energy work, went to a Halloween party (and someone asked me for my number!), and snorkeled on my 'mommy-moon', my first business trip away ever without the kid.
  • In November, I went to my first Cobra conference. I got Lady Isis to attune me to the Goddess Energies. It was my first time experiencing a 'healing chamber' and using Reiki and Tachyonized Crystals and a Quantum Goblet 'thingy' (I forget what it's called) to heal other conference attendees.
  • In December--actually in several months leading up to it--I opened Portals through synchronistic combined Light work with other Lightworkers in London, UK and Australia during certain Portal openings time windows, one a month. For the BIG one, we worked together again, and also did a great deal of blogging to share intel with others on 'what to expect'.
  • I took two trips to San Diego. In February I fed giraffes and rhinoceroses. In April, I went Sailing for the first time since med school, on the same waters where I learned to sail, Mission Bay. It was very good for my soul.
  • After a horrible OB call and having to work through the subsequent morning, I arrived totally depleted at the place which would become my new Spiritual Home--I take yoga, eat, and do Kirtan--as well as teach Reiki, provide an AED with training for the staff, and enjoy like-minded people. I also turned RAW vegan, as much as I could.  Please note how sometimes in Spirit when you are totally drained and at the end of your rope, a beautiful new chapter in your Life often follows...
  • I taught two Reiki Classes to my coworkers, a server I know, an owner of a sandwich shop, and my son's teacher. I also became more 'open' about who I am and what I do with my energy work among people close to me where I work who are interested. One day, a scrub tech asked me about my ability to see ghosts...
  • On many occasions this blog has been mentioned in Reiki News, Rod Lyman's Reiki AZ online paper, a food and porn online paper (I thought the porn part was a joke and never scrolled down all the way past my article. I sent it to my new 'crush' and was totally embarrassed! He said it was 'no biggie' and not to worry about it.). Just today the post was mentioned in Spirituality Daily. I've also been mentioned in Veggie Times.
  • In May was the second Cobra Conference. We opened the Alma Portal there. I could share more, but you might get overwhelmed with too many details, so I'll skip.
  • In June two islands in Hawaii, Swimming with Dolphins, and MUCH Lightwork!!! 
  • In August I left for three weeks in France. My French Family did so much to ease the stress and struggle on us from mother's illness and multiple hospitalizations between December and September. There was a tremendous amount of Lightwork--just look through the posts around then to see more.
  • We also made the 144,000 needed to Activate The Event online--thank you for your participation in the World Liberation Meditations!!!
  • In September there was travel to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It was a personally and metaphysically productive trip.
  • All the while I have been learning, growing, and clearing energies. Right now, I am in the process of major organizing of my home. A close friend and many workers are being coordinated for this long-overdue help to ease my busy life.
  • I have been published in a major publication by a colleague on Cancer--my real name is in it! With Reiki! and M.D. Page 80 is all mine, baby!!!
  • At this moment, I am in surrender to my feelings and in complete and total Trust with the Universe. I discovered one who says he is my Twin Flame, and now I've lost contact with him suddenly. Surprisingly enough, I am okay with it. How can one 'lose' a Twin Soul? On some level, that's not happening! He has his reasons, there is the timing, and frankly, I must give thanks for having 'tasted' that energy of someone's loving support on a Higher Vibration. If I had one last thing to say to him, it would be, the concept, 'The Lion bows to no one but his Lady' made no sense whatsoever here in California. It's either one way or the other out on the West Coast. I thought your kindness, much as it was appreciated and heartfelt, might have been making fun of me in front of your friends online; what posts I saw besides yours to me I found concerning because I am not like that, nor do I spend what precious free time I have, with people who curse (even if it's manly) and post music videos that make a sailor blush! I have ALL ETERNITY to figure this one out, if you really are my Twin. It's all good.
A big part of the year has been spent waiting for 'the other shoe to drop'. It's been a long hard year on all of us, waiting for The Event and the society changes to follow...

As my dad would say, 'it's time for the kick to finish well in the race'.

I know you're tired. So am I. But what can we do? Give up?

Today, I was overjoyed to see my dear friend and on-again, off-again crush. But then our mutual friend told me they were going to see the lawyer to negotiate a contract. It involved my Seraphim moving away to a very far drive for me. Tears flowed quietly as I was told the news. They were upset because a health violation delayed the opening for two months already...

I spoke heart to heart with the one I admire so much I let her think SHE's the only Big Spiritual Person between us...I surrendered to my Heart...I come here for the energy. I can tell if he's here or not. I can feel it. This is my only place I go for ME. I talk to angels every day. I am on projects to help coordinate something huge that is happening. Big changes. You'd never believe me if I explained what. But...the responsibility on my shoulders now is a LOT more than the responsibility I have with other people's lives like I do when I am at work. I don't know where else I would go without him...I want you to know I understand it is his dream, and he 'needs to go', but I am praying Twice As Hard for this project not to happen. The changes are going to be soon anyway...let him do what he wants to do...but Heaven is Coming To Earth...and this is the only place I have to go to take care of my spiritual needs/energy until it happens!

She looked at me, eyes opening wider and wider. Then she poked me in the arm, and said, 'That's what my sources tell me too. The same thing! Heaven is coming to Earth!' 

And she had to go.

I never could have said any of that one year ago...It's been a good year.

Happy Birthday Dr. Waters! Thank you for your guidance and Light.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc