Saturday, October 12, 2013

Why I Took The Flu Shot 2013

I have to feed my son.

When it comes right down to it, after reflecting on all the risks and benefits for the bigger picture, that's what I did. But I didn't come to this conclusion without much reflection, Reiki, and using a pendulum.

I wasn't going to take the shot. I have for years, almost always taken it. I find no benefit, in fact, I get sicker and almost died once because I got the Swine Flu.

But at work it has gone from optional to mandatory.

We have the choice to wear a mask at all times except eating from October to March if we don't take the shot.

I wear a mask pretty much all day anyhow, I thought, and decided to stay true to my heart and not take the shot. I'd 'set an example for my colleagues' on how awful the shot is.

I don't like shots.

Then I got a letter that said, something like,  'I am going to be forced to take a flu shot. I would like a good, reliable article to share to explain why I don't want to take the shot. This is my second year refusing. I could get fired but I still wouldn't take the shot anyway.'

That got me! How am I going to advise in this situation? She is willing to put her job on the line over a shot.

So I prayed. And I shared what I knew. There's the mask option (she works in home visits--probably not so good), there's the 'homeopathic flu shot' that sometimes 'flies' as 'immunization', and there's just taking the shot itself.

As I said to her, 'take the shot. it's not worth losing your job in this economy.' I felt like I was talking to myself.

Except for me, it's 'if you want this thing with Reiki in the O.R. to fly you have to be one of 'them' and be 'normal in every way' for them to accept it.' I have TWO babies! The one that keeps needing new shoes cause he's growing like crazy! And this work here. You can't infiltrate medicine from within and change it by not being 'part of the team'.

So I double-checked. I took out the pendulum. Take it. Today.

So I went.

You know what? I understood!

The lady giving the shots was the same one who gave me the free TB shot for my friend's test. We were alone in the conference room. I brightly asked, 'So, which one is for me?' as I looked at the pile of syringes.

'Take any one you like.' she said, warmly. Remember she is convinced she is 'doing a good thing' with the shots. If she wasn't she'd have conflict...

'I'd just like a minute to be alone with my shot please' I said calmly. I laid the syringe on the table in front of me, gave CKR, and let the Reiki FLOW. A lot went in. I set the intention for 'the Highest good'. When the Reiki flow slowed down about one minute later, I did CKR and said, 'There! I'm Done PRAYING! Go ahead!'

She was shocked! In a nice way. She has known me for years, and that I am kind and loving by my actions. But that I would 'pray'--we both knew it was anything BUT praying, but energy and protection, right?--over my shot is a way of not 'buying into' the party line while going along with it.

My shot didn't hurt, my arm is sore, but I have no other sensation from it. The rest of me is going along just fine.

My patients want to see ME. They want my eyes, my face, and my smile. My coworkers need to know ME in the same way.

There is no way to bring about change without being 'from the ranks'.

So here are your options on the flu shot:

  1. Heck no!
  2. I don't like it but I'll take it (an environmental services worker I saw in the locker room can't wear masks. She's claustrophobic. She didn't want to take the shot either.)
  3. I'll do 'homeopathic' or other 'ways around it'
  4. There is an oral spray, I believe (you can spit it out after)
  5. Take it and don't stress out--leave it to them and their Karma (but DO insist on 'preservative free')
Either way, only YOU can find the answer that is right for YOU. My answer might not fit your 'situation'. So go to your Inner Guidance, try on an answer for size, sleep on it, and then you will know!

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc