Sunday, October 6, 2013

Le Groseil (The Gooseberry)

We don't have these in Southern California. They are Gooseberries. I suppose if you needed them for a recipe, you could buy them frozen or in a can. Or possibly have them shipped.

In France they are quite common, and are called Le Groseil.  Everybody knows them.

They come in red

And they make delicious 'conserves'--I enjoyed them on my bread each morning when I was in Vouvray 

When I was at the market, I saw these, my favorite Gooseberries from Peru. I did not know the name in either French or English. I have only found them in Canada. With excitement, I bought two baskets!

And my family there scratched their head. What is this she likes? They have never seen them before, and most were not interested to try them. The ones that did didn't enjoy them like I do--so I ate most of them myself.

Today I am writing about the energy that is inside someone's aura. For lack of a better term, I am calling them 'Le Groseil', for the purpose of this discussion.

Everyone has an energy 'taste' or a 'flavor' that can be felt. This is how I 'name' my crystals--I don't 'give' them a name. In my heart, when I am with them, I feel their Spirit or Vibration, and when I talk to them (yes I do, usually with my mind), I refer to them by their 'Le Groseil'. I would know each one anywhere, just by the Vibration.

The important thing here is not to judge the energy, other than the briefly passing 'flicker' of whether the energy is 'compatible' or 'right for you Here and Now' or perhaps 'not right'.

When I read your comments online, or your things you post to others on your page or Twitter, I feel your Vibration--I get a good 'hit' of your 'aura' or 'Le Groseil'.

Just like with my crystals.

I may know you by name, and converse with you online, but in my 'senses' I 'pick up the feeling' that is there, both your 'mood' and your 'essence'. With each comment, with each message/request, and with each Tweet.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you also feel MY energy whenever you 'connect' with me and my 'Le Groseil'.

I had written about somebody whom, 'I had never given a second thought'. This person has a nickname for me online, a very flattering one, but because of the difference in culture and being a continent away, I thought this was from local customs.

Today when I first woke up, I remembered the conversation (in 140 characters or less, no doubt!) that led up to the nickname.

It was a new 'flavor' in his 'Le Groseil' that wanted me to get to know him better. So I private messaged. And got a flaming angry response. Are you trying to trick me?

I backed off. It was like, 'Dude, who pooped in your cornflakes?' I thought to myself. I wanted to run away. I think I did ignore all contact for a while. I also thought about my anonymity, and how posting in front of everyone like he wanted might put that at risk.

But I thought about it. After all this Lightwork, for so long of a time, there was only one who was 'sharing' what I posted in a pattern that made me realize 'he gets it'. Only the most helpful ones went through, and the not so spiritual ones were not passed along. It was him, the angry one.

I had never once read his page. Only thanked for the 'shares', if you will, to be polite.  It's etiquette. But then I knew I had to communicate one last thing to make the peace within my heart.

I explained to him, in a message, that the reason I wanted to get to know him is that it encourages me to  continue in my efforts as a Lightworker--as long as I was 'reaching' someone who was working for the same cause, it gave me the strength to go on! I didn't know better how to explain it, especially in 140 characters or less.

I was met with more anger.

And I countered it with, 'my love is stronger than your hate...'

After this, I got the nickname. There is a sweetness and a kindness to the 'Le Groseil' that I have never before experienced. It started with a congratulations in the form of a 'high five' that made me realize he was listening to my very soul.

Although we have never met, or even heard voice or seen each other, I know him by his Vibration.

This isn't enough to make a life choice; fortunately, this is not the time to make any major life choices. Not with the Energies as they are out there leading up to The Event. But the connection is meaningful to me Here and Now, and I hope perhaps in time, a friendship that is perhaps more, will grow. Even though I am certain past lives played an important part of the connection, all that matters is we are Here and Now.

The Gooseberries between us are right. And when they are really right, they have the opportunity turn into 'the butterflies' in in my stomach, the very nice ones everybody likes to have.

I'm in no hurry. I have all eternity to get it right.

And for today? Big plans! The Pantages with friends who have season tickets, and then dinner with my  family.

No matter what your 'task', 'assignment' or 'purpose' in your Spiritual Life, you may always take 'a little break' from time to time. Just like with studying, it helps you concentrate more when you return your focus back to it after the 'break'.

In the meantime, why don't you just stop and enjoy Les Groseils? (the gooseberries)?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc