Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Goddess 101

Today I experienced the Truth of what Goddess Worship was really about.

There is so much more at stake than recycling cans and bottles, or 'hugging trees'.

In essence, Goddess is the Divine Feminine, combined with the energy of the Divine Masculine, to make Light.

There is a healthy balance between the two, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, and when both play their parts with mutual respect, loving acceptance, and sincere desire  to raise one another's Consciousness, energy of creation is sent forth from the interaction.

This can be soul-to-soul with someone of the same sex, fully clothed, from one heart to another, as this conversation at the checkout line with the cashier:

cashier: what is this root thing?
me: Taro.
cashier: Carrow?
me:  Taro. As in poi.
cashier: I thought you were saying 'farrow'. I had that once, poi. I went to a luau a very long time ago...
bagger:  What is poi?
me: it is an ancient Hawaiian carbohydrate staple made from this root. It is eaten as a paste.
bagger: oh.
cashier: it is very very good for you. I didn't like it. I went to, who was that old Hawaiian guy who used to sing? His luau.
me:  Don Ho. I kissed him once. I went to his concert and while we were getting autographs he wanted a kiss. I was a lot cuter then. I'm just a mom now...
cashier: (she waves her hand at me like 'you look fine!') You know being 'just a mom' is the most important thing--I have never been a mother, but my mom, we lost her in January--
me:  I'm sorry...
cashier: I was just thinking about her yesterday. How she used to sing to us. She used to sing a song...(she sings about little fishes, like a preschool song, and her face is lit up like an angel, as she relives those happy times. She stops, she looks and me and says) Motherhood, I love the fathers and fatherhood is special but...the mom...
me: It is the closest relationship on earth. (I smiled)
cashier: Yes, that's it! Exactly.
me:  My boy has been having some trouble with his feet. Yesterday I went to the PE activity where they jog and do fast walk. I worked with him. Socks on, socks off, shoes off, bare feet, trying patiently to get to the bottom of his pain...and I thought to myself, who else would do this? Who else puts up with our crap and wants to make it better?--it's the moms!

That was so much more than a 'ringing up of the groceries' wasn't it? That is because we were each present in the Here and Now.

I have to confess--the Forget-Me-Not flower campaign on my Facebook page is designed to counteract the last remnant holding us back from, as society as a whole, being ready for 5D. Here's why:

Although there were shadow-chasers whose brutality against the Goddess through sexual abuse, ritual abuse, incest, and more is an abomination--the rest of us who 'looked the other way' on it are sort of on the hook for allowing it to persist. Even though it was 'hidden' and very well so at that...

The series takes you gently from the well-known, personalized, and well understood 'secret' of incest and molest, and takes you through to infanticide and just to the edge of being able to accept the horrible travesty that goes on in Ritual Abuse.

Before I re-post the campaign in sequence, let me share with you my tale.

I have full recollection from most of my lifetimes that I walked the planet.

The one immediately before this involved my participation in Ritual Abuse. I was created to live inside the hidden network of this 'worship'; I was a 'kitten'. 

There is a saying about a certain kind of pupillary response on physical examination of the eye, the Argyll-Robertson pupil. It is also called 'the prostitute pupil' because it accommodates but does not react.

As a kitten, I was not completely mind-controlled. It was a 'game' for me I wanted to 'win'; I got 'rewards' such as dolls and small liberties for my 'prowess'. That is how I remember. The unusual thing about me was that not only did I accommodate, I would also 'react', the same as a grown woman would 'react', every single time. 

I was only shared with the members of the 'highest rank and privilege' within the organization. I worked often, possibly more than once a day. The morality was so twisted that I thought it was 'my job' to 'service' men and women who were sent to me. I took pride in my work! I didn't do anything but that--and 'keeping up appearances'. I lived in a 'cage', a very fancy one at that, but I was 'locked inside the system' and never saw 'daylight' (love/God/human kindness) with my two eyes.

My active times were between four and ten years old. Towards the end, as my body began to mature, the novelty 'wore off'. It was decided that I be given to a High Ranking member who had a 'snuff' fetish. He choked me to death in the peak of his passion--as he 'came' I breathed my last breath and felt his fingers crushing my little neck. It was terrible. I saw my body as I left it and scratched my head thinking, 'what was the point of this entire life?' (Here is the original post, one year ago:

This kind of pathologic interaction happens all over the world, every day, and worse. 

Where life is more than cheap--it fuels the entire blood drinking 'worship'.

If you wish to know the truth about this 'ritual worship', read this:

Master Koothoomi requested this of me:

And here is my work on the assignment:
  1. This is for my aunt who experienced incest as a child. You are not forgotten. Namaste. Please add your own people to honor who have experienced violation of their boundaries, male or female. (September 20, 2013)
  2. This Forget-Me-Not flower is given today to those brave souls who shared on yesterday's flowers, that, like me, they are survivors of sexual trauma. When you feel down, check out Monika Korra - Kill the Silence. Her YouTube video is pure Healing, Encouraging Light!     (The Forget-Me-Not flower is the symbol for both supporters of those who have experienced this form of violence against males and females, and for those who are healing from these experiences themselves. You are not forgotten. You are LOVED!) Please share and add the name and or relationship to you of those YOU remember in the comments section here today. Namaste. (September 21, 2013)
  3. This is for Mark, my first husband. After my memory of abuse surfaced, he shared with me what a priest had done to him. 'It was no big deal', he rationalized. It was a big deal. And the more I wanted to heal, the more we drifted apart...molest happens to boys. Today this flower is for all the little ones who suffered like Mark and bravely 'rationalized' it, coping the best way they could...(September 22, 2013)
  4. Arthur lived on the corner. He gave all the kids on the block candy. Full-sized candy bars, whenever we asked. Once I went in his house. I didn't like it. It smelled awful and felt creepy. Years later, I found out why--he was a pedophile. This flower is for Chuck and all the other neighborhood kids who were hurt by Arthur. There are going to be so many Forget-Me-Nots to send...poor Chuck he never had a normal life. No wife, no kids, and drinks like a fish. He is my best friends brother. We were so lucky not to have been hurt by Arthur too! (September 23, 2013)
  5. Today's Forget-Me-Not outreach of love, compassion, and healing goes to the Indian Residential School System survivors who were young children who young children who were forcibly removed from their homes and sent to government-funded, church-run schools, where many endured physical and sexual abuse. (September 24, 2013)

    Read more:
  6. Today's Forget-Me-Not bouquet is given to those Who Tell. My cousin, who in middle age, confronted an Uncle who had once abused her. To myself, who reported the predator who was 'grooming' and 'just starting' to molest my two-year-old boy. And to Janet, who made this beautiful website after her daughter 'told' her about 'mom's boyfriend touching her inappropriately'--to help all kid's in her daughter's situation. I've met Janet. She's an ANGEL first-class all the way! (September 25, 2013)
  7. Today's Forget-Me-Not flowers are being given to those who work in Women's Medicine--they are supportive and caring to all--and this means so much to all who are survivors of sexual trauma to have this gentle, caring presence to 'make everything normal and healthy' again. You are angels! (September 26, 2013)
  8. Today's Forget-Me-Not flowers of love and remembrance goes to the survivors of extreme abuse, like Steve. Dad 'messed' with all of the brothers and sisters in their bedrooms--until Steve got big enough to fight back. He cut off all contact with the family after he married, and a sister literally camped out at the door to 'make everything okay in the Family because it wasn't bad'! For all of the survivors of extreme dysfunction in the family unit, may you find Peace, Light, Love, and experience strong connection to Source. You are amazing angels who have survived against all odds; I greatly admire you. (September 27, 2013)
  9. Today's Forget-Me-Not loving thoughts go to those victims of sexual trauma who are asleep and do not remember. I was like this for twenty-two years. On some level, you 'know' and display 'symptoms', such as hypervigilance, startle reflex, and anxiety. But your subconscious is not willing to let it 'out' enough for you to 'heal'--it's still trying to protect you enough for you to survive. Someone close to me is in that state. I know both her and the predator (who gave me full confession after death through a medium). All I can do is just pray and hope for the she makes her poor life choices based on her unconscious pain. (September 28, 2013)
  10. Today's Forget-Me-Not flowers of lovingkindness is difficult for me to write--it was suggested, wisely so, but incredibly sad. It is for the elderly, who in their vulnerablility are often traumatized by others: financially, physcially, and yes, horrible to think about it, sexually. Did you know that the geriatric population has the highest rates of STD's out of any sexually active people? It's sad, it's true...may angels watch over our wise ones and protect them every day... (September 29, 2013)
  11. Today's Forget-Me-Not flower goes to workers in the adult film industry. Although Mary Magdalen was a prostitute, she always considered it a 'service to humanity' and therefore not degrading. But for others who wound up in the field without her purity of intent, and feel 'less than others' because of their work, this flower is to send an extra ray of healing, love, acceptance, compassion, and encouragement to them in their situation. It's a tough one, and only their heart-in connection with their Guardian Angel--can advice on what to do about it. Aloha and Mahalo and Namaste.(September 30, 2013)
  12. Today's Forget-Me-Not flowers of compassion and hope, goes to a very 'touchy subject'--persons whose partners do not appeal to them sexually any more. As mother once said, 'there comes a time in a marriage or relationship when they reach for you and it just makes your skin crawl.' It is an important data point that circumstances might prevent one from acting on it. Spouses and partners can do unspeakable things to each other in the bedroom, and no one would ever understand or believe it was not by mutual consent. These flowers are to provide support that what you are experiencing is real, and you never again need to have someone treat you like this. Ask the angels and guides to guide you to safety, warmth, and a place where love flows as freely and naturally as Divine Plan intends. (October 1, 2013)
  13. Spirit invites us to reflect on one more Forget-Me-Not group whose plight hurts Gaia a great deal: the infants subject to infanticide because of their sex not being 'desired' in one's society. From 'pre-determined selection' in the Fertility lab, to being left for dead or worse at birth, these souls ask for your prayers of kindness and compassion for their healing, and moreover, that this form of societally 'accepted' trauma cease and desist across the globe beginning today. (October 1, 2013)
  14. Today we pause to send loving energy to those who have experienced genital mutilation and torture in this life or the past. From chastity belts, to interrogation with electric shock to the most sacred and sensitive areas, to female circumcision and infundibulation (sewing everything almost all the way shut) in certain tribes. These souls have experienced suffering far more than ever imagined possible. Please pray for them to heal on a soul level, and for these brutal forms of suffering to be wiped from the face of the earth, from Gaia and her people, forevermore. Namaste. (October 2, 2013)

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc

you are precious, you are loved, and you are never forgotten by the Divine