Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Welcome To The Fifth Dimension!

We are going on a fascinating ride!!!

Yesterday gave three examples of 5D 'abilities' that are to be shared so YOU can be 'on the lookout for them in your lives' too!

  • At the end of a case, while we were waiting for the gurney, I was thinking, 'I wonder what's on the add-on case assignment list now besides the apply?' About ten seconds after, the scrub tech said to me, 'what is the case line up for you to be doing next?'.  I laughed and told him I had just been thinking that! He didn't react because I think he thought I was hitting on him or something. But I wasn't, it was true!
  • Yesterday at my favorite restaurant, a friend recognized me. I was talking to her, and friend of hers came up to both of us. But this new friend recognized ME, and my mind was spinning trying to recognize HER. All of a sudden, I remembered, 'The Arcturian'. I said 'Oh yes, I remember you, you were the Arcturian who was leaving to go see a movie!' She told me ten seconds before that, she had thought of the word, Arcturian'.
  • Doctors Aren't Supposed To Be Psychic! : I had a wonderful dinner last night with my friend Mai. We have been friends for ten months now, but last night was the first night we totally let down our guard. We went beyond 'girl talk' of marriages and divorces, and shared about our reincarnations we knew. For example, my son is my grandfather. Her daughter is her husband's mom. And I shared how her husband was my father in Victoria, an Indian Chief, and I think she was also my mother in that life. She was like, 'no WONDER why he is always doing Indian stuff!' It was a great big warm, fuzzy, AHA moment! I also shared with her everything I had kept hidden about my being psychic, medium, etc. because I had feared her husband, a doctor, would judge me harshly for it because he didn't understand.
You see, with all of the reincarnations, the people in our lives, especially those we feel uncanny 'closeness' to upon first meeting them (both Mai and I experienced this--we just started talking like really close from the start), are probably from out extended 'family of souls' or 'soul pod' as I like to say, with reference to the family unit of whales.

Some of you might have a strong connection to me. And it is possible we are, on a soul level, more than blogger and reader. It is quite possible, all of us together comprise one 'soul pod'.

And in 5D, more of these 'joyful reconnections' and 'awakened memories' are going to warm our hearts and bring us great joy!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc