Monday, October 14, 2013

A Message From Our Lady--October 14, 2013

My Children,

It is happening.

It is happening.

Before you know it will be Spring again in all our Hearts! With you. With me. All of us utterly blissful at Peace with Love and Warmth and Gratitude for all the changes that have taken place.

(she looks me straight in the eye) What about you? What about your heart?
(I clarify--me as in Reiki Doc or me as a representative for all of you?--Ah! It's the last...)

What about your hearts, my precious and honored Children of the Light?

You are Here, Now.

Hold My Hand.

Together we will go to the Limit of our Understanding. This is the First Time that anything like this (The Event) has taken place. Both for you and for I, this IS a definite Learning Experience.

We are making History--with each day drawing closer to The Event.

The plans! There are contingencies on 'what if THIS timeline proceeds?' and 'how are we to tweak it if anything ELSE should arise/'

The i's are dotted and the t's are crossed. We have done our homework. We are ready. It is Time!

In France, there is a saying, 'Laissez les bontemps roulent'. It means, in English, 'Let the good times roll.' I am saying this not for tomorrow...not for today...but in Time, for when the time is right, everything will happen.

(she wants me to put this in perspective--prior to a c-section, I always have a talk with the dads.  I ask them if they would like to watch the baby being born. If yes, during the surgery I will give them the signal to stand up and look over the drapes with me. They do not have to decide now, just know what they plan to do ahead. I also explain how after the baby is born, the neo team will invite him to join them at the warmer to 'cut the cord', and they will be happy to take pictures! Everything happens really fast in the O.R., and that is why I give them the opportunity to make the decision on what they would like to do before the birth will arrive.)

Everything happens for the best! You are healthy, wealthy and wise after the experience! Just like from the magnificent experience of being present at the birth of a child.

The entire solar system and a little beyond (holds her thumb and index finger up to show an 'inch') are excited to be present with you while you are 'having your experience of Light'. I am eager, and full of anticipation, but in no hurry. Have patience, just like me. I wanted Jesus to be born so very much! But only when it was the proper time and place. And yes, there were no accidents. I was happy to have him the way I did. It was not a stable. There was a midwife present at the birth who made me laugh. You are talking to her as we are writing. Those are her fingers that type on the computer as she writes my words. We go a long way back, together, us two. I would not have anyone else in charge of you to help you through this delicate process besides the one who personally took care of me.

Your spirit is in good hands. She'll make you smile and laugh in spite of the situation. That is why I sent her to your hearts. My hand will guide you lovingly and with tenderness, and with faithfulness I have never experienced in another, my scribe will always record, right down to the look in my eye, what I have to say to your heart.

Are you listening?

That is my message for you today.
In Christ my Son, the beauty and the fellowship for all the ages,
You have my hand in His up here in Heaven.

Mother Mary, or Blessed Mother as my scribe is accustomed to calling me.

I love you very tenderly. Every single one of you. Each of your hearts is like a precious jewel to my heart. Shine! And know I am in Love with you forever, and always.

Mary, your Mother, your Spiritual Mother, in the Light

All rights reserved. This may be shared if copied in its entirety.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc