Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's Never Too Late To Be A Lightworker

You are the BEST EQUIPPED to be working for the Light! Seriously. If you are Newly Awakening, and feeling that 'stirring' within your heart, that means you are Very Well Equipped for what is Needed The Most.

Are you wondering what all of this means?

Are you feeling unprepared? And overwhelmed?

This is because you are looking at the situation with 'earthly eyes' or '3D glasses'! Let's look at this from the Perspective of Spirit:

  • The energy shifts and changes to Gaia are in process
  • Over ninety percent of Her people are totally unaware of this progressive increase in the Vibrational rate of every living cell in every creature on Her surface, to the end rate of what is called 'The Fifth Dimension'--just another Vibrational frequency--or '5D' for short.
  • Who is a 'More Newly Awakened' person than you going to Trust to get their information about the changes that are happening to their body from the increased Vibrational Frequency? An angel who glows and has big wings? That is going to freak them out. A Lightworker Blogger like me who has been 'totally into it' for some time? No, my Vibration is going to be a little 'too much' for them, and I also might speak in 'shop talk' a little more than they are comfortable with. Just like with the recently deceased, the person they are going to trust most is the one who has the most in common with them--poor life choices, struggles, sorrow, heartache, and a life fully lived who has recently come to terms with the changes. It's like having a Teaching Assistant instead of a Professor help you to understand the material that is difficult to 'digest' in a new 'class'.
Here is a letter I got recently on Facebook. It is from my former fourth grade crush, Duane. In the fifth grade, we were playing hopscotch and he came up to me and kicked me in the shins! I got bruises! Puzzled, at bath time that night, I asked Mom why anybody would ever do anything like that? She said, 'It's because he likes you.' I am so glad we have remained friends ever since...

I was reading your blog, fascinated by your success and lifestyle choices. 
I am intrigued by your lifestyle choices. I need to find a way to become one with the universe and learn those ways. Any direction you could provide me would be greatly appreciated. You were the very intelligent kid in school and I was attracted to that. I, too, am intelligent, but got detoured by life circumstances and bad choices. Any direction you could provide would be greatly appreciated. 

Duane, you already know in your heart how to 'be more aligned with the Universe! All it takes is some time getting to know yourself enough to get a clear signal on your mission with the Ascension Process through your own 'inner guidance'.

Here are some suggestions I have for you:
  • make quiet time for yourself to do something you enjoy every day. It can be yoga, meditation, exercise or a hobby. This will get rid of 'the distractions'
  • do everything you can to raise your Vibration. This will make the Ascension Process more comfortable for you by allowing the Process instead of 'trying to slow it down' or 'block it'. 
  • Examples are spending time in Nature, getting sunshine, doing something kind for somebody, drinking pure filtered water, changing over to organic, free range, grass fed food.
  • Follow your Inner Guidance and educate yourself--by following this blog or other sites. 
  • Always use Discernment (checking to see if the 'nudge from Spirit' is from the Light for sure EVERY TIME)
  • Be sure to use the 'search' box on the blog. Chances are if you think of something, it's probably something that got written sometime! This is a very broad-range blog, devoted to energy healing, health, and working for the Light.

It's never too late to join in. Welcome and Blessings, Love and Light...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc