Thursday, October 10, 2013

Helping A Friend To Go To The Light

For some reason, I help people to cross to the Light. I have been doing this without any formal training since 1992, when I first helped my grandfather, Nannu Filippo, to cross. I was praying as we drove back home from medical school. I 'found' his spirit, and it was angry and upset that he had died suddenly, so much so that it was hard to get his attention. I offered him a daisy, and then he took my hand. I walked with him to Blessed Mother, and put his hand in hers, and that was it.

There was confirmation then and ever since, as well as lots of practice in Psychic Development Circle with student psychics, mediums, and healers while I was in 'training' to become a better Reiki Doc. : )

Yesterday was a group meditation across the globe, by friends of this person who had recently died. Well, for me she was 'okay', an acquaintance, but I wanted to help as best as I could.

I had actually 'seen' her immediately after her death, and confronted her on a concern I'd had. She agreed that my concern had been correct, and 'disappeared'.

In meditation, I 'connected' with the members of the group. It is possible to do this, energetically. (I have done the same to open Portals with Sarah in UK, and Jacqui in Australia, all meditating at the same time.) It's just like in Psychic Development Circle, you 'let go' and 'see' what the others are 'seeing', all at the same time, after you have built a protective energy 'bubble' and asked the Archangels for protection for the group to do this work.

The leader, who was not me, started talking and also I saw him form a golden grid of energy over the group. In preparation, just minutes before, I had opened my Goddess Energies for better 'communication' with this Spirit Work.

Then I saw her.

She came to me. We both knew what I was there to do.

She was ready.

I asked her, 'do you have anything to say?' No, she didn't.

I asked her, 'do you have anything to say to the group who is meditating for you right now to help you cross?' She said she thanks them for 'giving her a cause to believe in' and 'for giving her the opportunity to feel like she was making a difference'. I could tell that she meant it.

I told her, 'you know after this you can always come back to visit?' She nodded in agreement, and took my right hand.

We began walking, and all of a sudden there popped up this enormous white tunnel. It was the size and shape of one of those Ice Cavern Tunnels on the Universal Studios Tour, but brighter, longer, was angled on an incline up,  and had a loud sound to it, an energy sound like a waterfall. It was not cold or warm, just nice and pleasant. There was no wind.

She leaned in to me, and was very excited, and thrilled, thinking, 'Isn't this so cool?' and I felt her think to herself, 'This is MY chance to go to the Light and I am TAKING it!!!'

I leaned back in, shoulders touching and arms holding, and we chatted like two schoolgirls as we walked the length of the tunnel.

What happened next still surprises me--I saw Blessed Mother at the end of the Tunnel, clear as day. I thought to myself, 'Blessed Mother, are we going to have to change you into something more acceptable to this woman, who lived this life Jewish?' Blessed Mother shook her head no, and lifted a finger to her lips--

'Bubbie! My Bubbie!' my friend cried out. She dropped my hand and RAN to Blessed Mother, who to me looked very young and the same as she always looked. But I could 'see' what my friend was seeing, a heavy set, kind, short-grey-haired grandmother with a perm who was embracing her granddaughter after a long separation. It was Blessed Mother and my friend had no idea it was really Her!

Then I heard the leader of the group making more announcements, 'over the connection' to all of us. Then it was over.

It was a good day.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc